Hao Phuong celebrates members birthday in September 2021

Hao Phuong celebrates members birthday in September 2021

September is full of new beginnings, giving everyone a lot of emotions, to look back on the past ¾ of the year and continue to write down the journey for the rest of the time. With a spirit of enthusiasm, constantly promoting the “Technology Gene” in the “New Normal” state, Hao Phuong always stands shoulder to shoulder and sends the members with birthdays in this September, best wishes. best birthday.

Heather flowers bloom all over the horizon in September

Every late August and early September, heather flowers bloom again. The delicate purple heather petals in the wind are like the gentle, meek and fragile beauty of a young woman, creating a carpet of flowers that are poetic but mature and warm, especially, no less. strong, tenacious. Because, while other flowers are dying, heather flowers “sprung up”, bringing a wonderful, indescribable feeling, making many visitors ecstatic.

Through this, Hao Phuong would like to give meaningful, best wishes and small gifts to members who have birthdays this September. Showing the Board of Directors’ attention to the spiritual life of officials and employees, contributing to fueling the enthusiasm of colleagues, connecting “Technology genes” and creating collective strength in the common house – Hao Phuong.

Hao Phuong wishes the members a happy birthday in September 2021

The turn of summer reveals a new layer of autumn, pure romance, like the beauty in the eyes of people born in September. Born in the middle of autumn, people born in September are often delicate people. know how to compromise. They are careful, organized, calm, kind, and selfless. In addition, they love to explore, discover, and especially, are very meticulous in their work. Sometimes they are aggressive, but sometimes they tend to hide all their emotions.

On this occasion, Hao Phuong’s extended family would like to send their best wishes to you, who have a birthday in September. Wish everyone always be happy, young, healthy, cool personality. , my life is smooth and I have achieved a lot of success in all fields that I have chosen.

Hao Phuong celebrates members birthday in September 2021

Hao Phuong celebrates members birthday in September 2021Hao Phuong celebrates members birthday in September 2021

Happy birthday members September 2021

Hao Phuong believes in the enthusiastic spirit and creative ability of the members to constantly explore, discover, learn and rise. Let’s continue to make efforts with Hao Phuong, to write new and better successes. Like the beautiful quartz flower, always strong, rising above the ground and blooming alongside other beautiful flowers.