Hao Phuong Celebrates 2020 Christmas

Hao Phuong Celebrates 2020 Christmas

Dear customers, partners and all officers and employees!

The winter is already coming with chilly winds. In the street, colorful street lights were lit up on every corner. This vibe is like the bell signaling that Christmas is coming again!

Surely, this is the best period, when we will gather together, sip a cup of hot tea and sum up the good results of an old year with many changes, at the same time, get ready to kick off an exciting new year.

On this occasion, Hao Phuong Company would like to send its best wishes to customers, partners, and all officers and employees of the company, a peaceful and happy Christmas season, with so much Goodluck, and above all, always be happy with your loved ones, family, relatives, friends, colleagues,…

Merry Christmas!

Best regards