Hao Phuong announces the change of landline area code.

Dear Customer!

Hao Phuong would like to inform you of the conversion of landline area code as decided by the Ministry of Information and Communications as follows:

After June 16, 2017, the area code of Hao Phuong’s fixed telephone number will be transferred from (0650) 3737620 to (0274) 3737620

The area code conversion can sometimes cause inconvenience to customers when contacting us. Call Hotline: 1800 6547 if you cannot contact the company’s fixed number.

Phone numbers to contact Hao Phuong:

  • Landline phone: (0274) 3737620
  • hotline for Consultation and product price: 1800 6547 (South press 1, North press 2)

Hao Phuong respectfully announces!