Hao Phuong 2019 Annual Sports Festival: Kickoff day – July 19

On the afternoon of July 19, 2019, the Hao Phuong 2019 annual Sports Festival was kickoff at Hiep Binh Phuoc stadium.

Preparation before the competition

As planned, this year’s Sports Festival will be started at 17:00. But the weather on the afternoon of July 19 was quite rainy. So the opening time must be delayed until nearly 18 o’clock. Although the weather is not supportive, the organizers still try to prepare the background and sound completely. Preparations are simple and fast to make Hoi Thao possible.

Các đội điểm danh

Teams gather to take attendance

Like previous years, this year, The Sports Festival attracted the attention of all Hao Phuong staff. The spirit of competition of 4 teams this year is very high. That is partly reflected by the slogan of teams.

Đội 1

Team 1: ” 1 shot 1 goal”

Đội 2

Team 2: ” Definitely win the grand prize”

Đội 3

Team 3: ” storming – breaking – winning”

Đội 4

Team 4: ” can’t hide from us!”

Các đội trước trận đấu 2Các đội trước trận đấu 1

Team members are excited to wait for the beautiful matches on the Opening day

The first football match: Team 1 vs Team 2

According to the draw results, the opening of the 2019 Annual Sports Festival is the match between Team 1 and Team 2. Since this is the opening match, it received great attention from all the members of the 4 teams.

Đội 1 và đội 2 chào khán giả

Team 1 and Team 2 greet the audience before the match

Team 1 proved their formidable ability when dominating the whole match. With a double play strategy, Team 1 constantly overwhelmed Team 2 in the score. In the first half, the first team scored a total of 3 goals. These goals were scored in the 12th, 17th and 20th minute of the first half by Mr. Thanh Bao and Mr. Thanh. Hai and Mr. Quang Khai.

Entering the second half, both teams continuously threatened the opponent’s goal in many dangerous situations. Team 1 continued to score 3 goals continuously in the 3rd, 7th and 16th minute. The scorers were Quang Khai, Thanh Hai and Anh Khanh. It can be said that the first team this year is very strong. The members have good techniques. Not only that, but they also understand the playstyle of their teammates.

At the 17th minute, after an attack and the confusion of the goalkeeper of Team 1, Trung Tan of Team 2 finished and scored the first goal for their team. This is also the only goal of Team 2 in this match.

Let’s review some impressive moments of the first football match in this year of Annual sports event:

Pha ghi bàn của cầu thủ đội 1

A goal scored by Team 1’s player 

Kiểm soát bóng 1

Kiểm soát bóng 2

Both teams continued to gain control of the ball during the half

Tranh chấp 1Tranh chấp 2Some dangerous situations of two teams

The cheerleading competition of the Team 3

This year in addition to football, the Hao Phuong Sports festival has many other activities. One of them is the Fan contest that takes the final score of each team.

After the first half of the 2nd match ended, Team 3 had a part in the contest of cheerleading. The performance of the team is a dance performance on the music “Sharing every moment”. This performance also received an enthusiastic response from fans.

The 2nd football match: Team 3 vs Team 4

The next match took place between Team 3 and Team 4. From the first minute, 2 teams had dangerous situations on the opponent’s field. Mr. Bao of team 3 scored the goal in the 3rd minute. At 12 minutes, Mr.Tai finally managed to equalize the team successfully. Shortly after, Mr. Tai once again set up his team when he scored another one in the third team goal.

In the 14th minute, Mr.Tai continued to score the third goal for team 4. From the previous lead, he scored 3 goals in a row, helping team 4 to take the lead. The first half ended with an overwhelming 3 – 1 score in favor of team 4.

The cheerleading competition of the Team 2

After the end of the first half of the second match, Team 2  had a performance, dancing on the background of “Shalala” music. This item is an opportunity for Team 2 to get more Style points. This exciting performance received a lot of cheering from the audience in the yard.

The next situation of the second half

From the beginning of the second half, the players of Team 3 constantly deployed attacks to seek more goals. In the 8th minute of the second half, Anh Doi, after many missed opportunities received a pass from the team. He scored one more goal for Team 4, thereby increasing the score by 4 – 1 for team 4.

The goals were subsequently launched. At the 10th minute, Mr. Vuong of Team 3 scored the goal, shortened the score to 4 – 2. In the 16th minute, Mr. Bao continued to score another goal for Team 3. Soon after that, in the 17th minute, Mr. Phu had scored, increased the score to 4 – 4. Team 3 equalized thanks to 3 consecutive excellent goals of their team players.

In the 18th minute of the second half, Mr.Doi continued to score his second goal for team 4. After a series of goals to help his team draw, finally, Team 3 accepted a 4 – 5 defeat against team 4 in this match. No matter what the outcome, this match has a lot of good time and good plays from both teams. That is the best thing that these teams brought to us this time.

Let’s review some impressive pictures of the 2nd football match:

Tình huống bóng nguy hiểm

A dangerous situation from 2 teams

Ăn mừng chiến thắng

The Victory Celebration of Team 4

Cầu thủ đội 3 dẫn bóng

A speedy ball-pass of Team 3’s player

Các đội thi đấu quyết liệt 2Các đội thi đấu quyết liệt 1

The teams competed very aggressively

Organizing Committee’s speech after the end of the first day of The 2019 Hao Phuong annual Sports festival

A representative of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thang – Deputy General Director of Hao Phuong Company, thanked the teams for their performances, beautiful plays and dedication to the audience. He also hopes that the teams will develop their spirit, try to play hard and be fair on the remaining days of the Sports  Festival.

Đại diện ban tổ chức phát biểu

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thang – Deputy General Director of the company spoke after the match

Let’s review some beautiful moments on the opening day of the Hao Phuong 2019 Annual Sports Festival:

Anh Dương tham gia cổ động

Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong – General Director of the company also participated in encouraging players to compete

Khoảnh khắc vui vẻ 1Khoảnh khắc vui vẻ 2

Fun moments of teams

Cổ động viên nhí đội 4

A junior fan of Team 4

Anh Thông MC

Mr. Thong – An enthusiastic M.C of the matches, who also a member of Team 4

Cổ động viên đội 4 1Cổ động viên đội 4 2The Fan of Team 4 is very active

Cổ động viên đội 3 1Cổ động viên đội 3 2And this is Team 3’s  fan

The opening day of the2019  Hao Phuong Sports Festival has left a lot of memories in the audience. We look forward to the next competition days. Information about Sports Festival will be continuously updated in the following articles.