Hao Phuong – 10 years of establishment and development

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Hao Phuong Co., Ltd is one of the prestigious companies, has affirmed the brand in the field of distribution of industrial electrical equipment products and is also the leading industrial automation system integrator in Vietnam.

Hao Phuong – 10 years of establishment and development.

With 10 years of establishment and development, during the operation process, it is impossible to tell all the difficulties and obstacles that the employees of the company must overcome from the early days of development. So far, Hao Phuong has affirmed his reputation for the brand position in the field of industrial electricity – automation.

Along with the motto “Think Together”, the staff of the company has worked together and is committed to doing business in an ethical, reputable and responsible way to become a supplier of products and a leading System Integrator in the field of industrial electricity – automation.

Over 10 years of establishment

The strong break through the ups and downs in the electricity market was scarce at that time, so far Hao Phuong has achieved certain successes in the business market.

From the modest charter capital up to now, the company has reached annual sales milestones of up to VND 250 billion. The initial scale of the company is only a small office, more than 20 staff – employees have now become a solid Hao Phuong family with a staff of up to nearly 100 people working at branches, and dealers from North to South.

Not only encapsulating business in the domestic market, but the company also expanded its investment to Cambodia and Thailand. In addition, the Company’s projects have been present in almost all domestic and foreign industrial parks: Vietnam, Japan…

“Our mission is to become a leading system distributor and integrator in the field of electricity – automation in Vietnam, to contribute more value to the community and society.”

That is the goal that the Director of Hao Phuong Company proposed along with the priorities always wanted the best effort of the Company to create standardized solutions to help the economy develop strongly and help people improve their lives. live in a sustainable way.

Hao Phuong on the Road of Integration

With the trend of integration and development, especially the TPP agreement has just passed (Agreement on Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Cooperation), it is a big challenge but also a great opportunity for Vietnamese enterprises, especially young businesses like Hao Phuong.

Recognizing his strength as an importer, Hao Phuong has been constantly innovating, developing – expanding and has been a business partner of major equipment manufacturers from Japan such as Fuji Electric Group, Idec Group Izumi, Kansai Automation, Nichifu …

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Besides, the company has now become the business partner of Honeywell, one of the largest US corporations and the world in consumer production, technical services and aerospace.

After the achievements, along with the development of trade between your countries, it can be affirmed: Hao Phuong is one of the largest distributors of electrical equipment in Vietnam today.

Achievements and maturity of 10 years of operation deserve recognition and respect.

There are still many challenges ahead. Hao Phuong has and will always be actively developing to bring customers trust and contribute to the development of the community – society in the future.

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Hao Phuong is currently an importer and distributor of industrial electrical equipment with major brands in the world such as IDEC, FUJI ELECTRIC, TOGI, KANSAI, NICHIFU, CIRCUTOR, HONEYWELL, TAIWAN METTERS, Bin Master, … at the same time, Hao Phuong is also the leading industrial system integrator in Vietnam.