Greeting culture – A unique and valuable culture in Hao Phuong

It can be said that greeting is a way of sympathizing with people, especially when accompanied by a friendly smile, the power of the greeting is multiplied. Imagine, at the beginning of the morning, when you walk into the office, you quietly come to your desk and work hard until the end of the morning and quietly leave, what will the atmosphere be like? It will be heavy, right ? Instead, smiling and greeting everyone when you enter the office, the atmosphere in the room becomes more cheerful, people feel more friendly with each other.

In Vietnam, the cultural beauty of greetings has been summarized by our fathers into valuable lessons in the treasure of proverbs and folk songs.Therefore, at Hao Phuong greeting culture has become an indispensable familiar habit of each employee, showing affection, closeness, nurturing solidarity within, because It not only shows respect to those around you but also respect for oneself.

Greeting culture - A unique and valuable culture in Hao Phuong

The pictures that we can see every day while working in Hao Phuong are: Coming to the company in the morning, meeting eachother in the corridor or the stair, A greeting from each other instead of looking down or looking away is the joy and the motivation to energize, ready for a new working day. And at work, it is still the same place, the same saying is expressed as an instinct, as a habit that everyone has also been imbued. “Hello”, “Hi”, “How are you?”, “Anything fun?” … Small things, like saying hello and goodbye to your boss or colleagues every day , or start “Dear …” and end the email with a friendly “Thanks & Best Regards”, which can make a big difference in strengthening the relationships among employees.

As a leading distribution company and a system integrator in the field of electricity – automation, having many customers and partners visit is a regular and normal activity for Hao Phuong, but if they came to visit and then leave, then it is nothing to say, what is worth mentioning here is the impression, the sympathy that Hao Phuong family created for them when they came to visit and whether there would remain in in them leaving or not, that is the core problem. And the culture of greeting is the key to help Hao Phuong maintains relationships with all customers and his partners. Radiant smiles, affectionate nods … are expressed by Hao Phuong staff as if instead of words to say. I think, after such tours, most of our customers and partners will feel happy inside. They are happy that they are respected, loved, and warmly welcomed. Moreover, they are also happy because of the hospitality and friendliness of Hao Phuong’s people. It is also a factor that contributes to making Hao Phuong become one of the leading companies in Vietnam.

Greeting culture - A unique and valuable culture in Hao Phuong

Building an office culture is essentially building a personal value of each person through forming scientific work habits and practices, in disciplined order, with a civilized and polite manner at the workplace is very important. It not only shows the morality and quality of officials and civil servants in the performance of tasks but also shows the cultural level of each person. One of the key elements that make up the office culture is the communication culture. Because of the language, each individual can exchange information, establish relationships, perform actions against people around them … Every day goes by, we come in contact with a lot of subjects, families, colleagues, friends … and greetings have become the first habit, the minimum courtesy when starting a communication.

Greetings are only social so that communication does not become tedious, but greetings at the workplace also become tools to express affection, cultivate solidarity within and show the culture of each personal. Therefore, employees of Hao Phuong always preserve the office culture by remembering: “Please greet each other anytime, anywhere, greet each other with eyes and smiles!” It is truly a wonderful and meaningful thing.

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