General Director Nguyen Tat Duong sent a letter of encouragement to Hao Phuong’s family

General Director Nguyen Tat Duong sent a letter of encouragement to Hao Phuong's family

General Director Nguyen Tat Duong has just sent a letter of encouragement, expressing his respect and high recognition for the contributions, sharing, sacrifices and best efforts of officials and employees. With the desire of our extended family, continue to show the will of determination, unity, solidarity, and firm belief in a healthy and safe future with the banner of victory over the epidemic.

The content Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong shared in the letter of encouragement

Dear company brothers and sisters,

The current situation of the COVID-19 epidemic is becoming too complicated, dangerous, and causing unpredictable consequences for all aspects of life. Basic activities such as walking, eating, working, etc. are also being limited or halted, creating huge changes in all aspects of life that we do not expect.

Facing the impacts of COVID-19, the company’s business activities were also halted by a sharp drop in the number of orders, very slow collection of debts, and difficulties in shipping orders due to supply chain disruptions in the market; Although projects have been established in advance to ensure safety against the epidemic, they still have to be suspended due to objective reasons of the epidemic.

Faced with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors focused early on, prepared scenarios from the beginning of the outbreak until now, along with response measures for each scenario of the epidemic, flexibly applying measures from “savings”, to “austerity”, to “survival” measures to fight the pandemic with the spirit that “no one is left behind” during this pandemic.

Currently, our company is entering the survival phase, so defining the goal of “Maintaining basic livings and protecting employees’ health” is a top priority. The Board of Directors has tried to maintain support for employees who have stopped working instead of choosing forms such as staff reduction, unpaid leave; building facilities, and facilities to ensure safety and comfort for 3T employees; as well as the company is urgently actively looking for sources of vaccinations for employees to protect their health.

Along with the above spirit, the Executive Board of Hao Phuong Grassroots Trade Union has been deploying the fund “Together with Hao Phuong – Spreading love”, to support the company’s brothers and sisters in difficult circumstances during the pandemic season with sources of support from the Board of Directors, Heads of Departments and brothers/sisters who have contributed to the fund.

During this difficult time, the company is extremely grateful and acknowledges the contributions of all employees who have shared financial difficulties with the company, are willing to reduce wages, reduce income and continue to work, work enthusiastically with a common desire to stand side by side with the company to overcome this pandemic.

Difficulties here may be more, but not because of that, we falter. With the consensus, solidarity, and determination of all of us like in the past time, I firmly believe that we will conquer the epidemic, overcome difficulties, stand firm and develop.

On behalf of the company’s board of directors, we would like to send our best wishes for health and safety to all employees of the company and hope that everyone will firmly win the pandemic!

Best regards!