Fuji Electric introduced MCB and RCBO to the civil electrical market

Fuji Electric – A leading manufacturer of industrial and automation equipment in Japan and around the world. After nearly 100 years of establishment and development, Fuji Electric products are widely used in many factories in Vietnam and around the world such as Inverter, contactor, MCB, MCCB, ELCB, …

Fuji MCB, RCBO and the way to the civil electrical market

The current residential electricity market needs high quality and durable products. Catching that, through Hao Phuong, Fuji Electric Group wants to introduce switchgear for the civil market to meet industry standards with extremely competitive prices.

Currently, Fuji MCB 6kA lines are priced equal or even cheaper than MCB lines from Korea and China, …..

We always want to give our customers peace of mind selections, with quality and safety always guaranteed.

The products are for civil electrical market meet industry standards

MCB 1,2,3,4 poles: 1 – 63A

To prevent electrical breakdowns, consumers are now familiar with using the Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) in households, replacing the classic circuit breaker which is not safe.

RCBO (CB against shock, over current and short circuit): 1N, 2P, 3P, 3N, 4P pole: 1- 50A, protection leakage current 30mA.

RCBO (Anti-shock CB) acts as a device for leakage current protection, overload and short-circuit protection, RCBO with an anti-electric shock function, especially when replacing conventional safety-level CB. The family will be greatly increased.

From May 1, 2017, Hao Phuong has very good discounts and promotions for agents participating in the civil market development program of Fuji Electric devices.

Please contact Hotline: 18006547 or online chat (right corner of the screen). Hao Phuong is always ready to support customers quickly.