Fuji Electric Frenic-HVAC Inverter

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Fuji Electric is a famous Japanese electrical equipment manufacturing corporation. One of the most popular product lines of this group is the inverter. In this article, let’s learn about Fuji Electric Frenic-HVAC inverter.

What is Fuji Electric’s Frenic-HVAC inverter?

The Frenic-HVAC series is Fuji’s specialized inverter line for HVAC. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning. This means the equipment related to the array Heat, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. This inverter series provides the optimum thermal environment for buildings. It is maintained by keeping the energy consumption of various equipment (compressors, condensate pumps, AHU and other equipment) to a minimum.

In addition, through the ability to save energy, reduce CO2 emissions, the Frenic-HVAC inverter also helps to reduce climate change, namely global warming.

Fuji Electric's Fenic-HVAC inverter is suitable for use in buildings

Fuji Electric’s Fenic-HVAC inverter is suitable for use in buildings

Frenic-HVAC inverter product lines

Standard type (built-in EMC filter type)

This type has a capacity of 0.75 to 710kW (IP21 or IP55 protection structures can be selected with models in the range of 0.75 to 90kW.)

Integrated DCR filter + Integrated EMC filter

It also has a capacity of 0.75 to 90kW (You can choose the IP21 or IP55 protection structure with models in the range of 0.75 to 90kW.)

Components of Frenic-HVAC inverter

Friendly and easy-to-use dedicated keyboard

Multi-language support, outstanding HELP function, unit setting with SV and PV values, data copying (3 types). Also the keyboard is detachable or mounted on the control panel (using an optional cable).

The control board

  • Equipped with USB port, BACnet is equipped as standard.
  • Up to 3 types of integrated option boards can be attached.
  • Optional battery connection
  • Diverse contact options

Control terminal blocks

Detachable control terminal block is adopted. This allows the device to be easily replaced without disconnecting the cable.

Capacitor board

Output a life prediction signal determining capacitor capacity drop and cumulative running hours. This allows users to capture replacement periods.

Cooling fan

The cooling fan of the Frenic-HVAC inverter is easily replaceable because it is mountable. You can also optionally turn ON or OFF the fan. This feature helps to increase the life of the device.

EMC filter

This filter helps to reduce equipment noise significantly when operating, in compliance with IEC61800-3.


Dratically reduces harmonic noise. Compliance with IEC / EN61000-3-2 and IEC / EN61000-3-12 standards. Provided as standard (for models up to 90kW) and can be mounted as an option (for models with capacities from 110kW – 710kW).

Environmental immunity

Support 3C2, IEC60721-3-3


Software support / analysis by loader, RTC backup with battery (optional)

Structures of Fuji Frenic-HVAC Inverter

Structures of Fuji Frenic-HVAC Inverter

Outstanding features of Fuji Electric’s Frenic-HVAC inverter

Linearization function

This function estimates the target pressure using the load flow rate. This allows the estimated pressure of the terminal to be controlled.

For an air conditioner heat source system, the amount of cooling or heating needed is usually fluctuating seasonally or day and night. Consequently, continuous operations in controlling the water transport pressure can lead to unnecessary high pressure operating on low operating terminals. As a result, the pump consumes inefficient electric energy to maintain high water transport pressure.

Based on the calculated value and water transport pressure of the terminal pressure estimated using the detected flow rate, PID control is performed.

The linearization function can reduce the pump’s energy consumption, providing excellent energy savings along with maintaining comfortable air conditioning.


Wet bulb temperature control

This function is optimized for fan control of cooling towers. Because the wet bulb temperature will become higher than the set temperature when the air temperature is particularly high. The water temperature will not reach the set temperature then. As a result, the fan continues to spin at high speed, wasting electricity. Frenic-HVAC automatically estimates the wet bulb temperature and controls the fan so that the cooling water is linked to the air temperature to save more electricity.

Filter to prevent clogging

This filter is responsible for detecting and filtering dust or other materials during inverter operation by measuring the pressure sensor value. When clogging is detected, the fan is turned back to push the dust out. Then continue forward to blow air. In addition, this function notifies you when maintenance of exhaust fans by the alarm signal.

Customize logic

A custom logic interface function is provided for the inverter body. This allows the formation of logic circuits and arithmetic circuits for digital and analog input and output signals. It aims to build a simple transition chain while processing signals freely.

Standard 4PID control

4PID control is standard. A PID module is used to control the inverter’s output frequency. Besides, the remaining 3 modules can be used to control the external system. To use all 4 modules, an optional card (OPC-G1-AIO) needs to be mounted on the device.

Fire protection mode (required operation)

When there is a fire, this function will be turned on. Specifically, the fans and pumps of the inverter will operate at the highest capacity in an emergency such as a fire. It helps the device to continue working without overheating or burning.


The function codes can be read / written, displayed or hidden by setting 2 passwords. This prevents misoperation or overwriting of the function code. In addition, if the password is entered incorrectly beyond the specified number of times, the inverter will be restricted from operating.

Sensor operation function

This function allows for smooth startup. If you want to start a non-inverter fan in idle mode, the operating sensor will look for speed regardless of the direction of rotation. Then it and the fan will spin smoothly. This function also allows smooth operation as if converting power from commercial electricity to the inverter in a momentary action.

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to gain more knowledge about Fuji Electric’s Frenic-HVAC inverter series. See you in the next posts.