Fuji Electric changed the code of the Temperature Controller.

According to the manufacturer’s information – Fuji Electric will change the code of  Fuji Electric Temperature Controller (Temperature Controller), which belongs to Fuji Instrument family.

Specific changes are as follows:

+ PXR4 code will be changed to PXF4
+ PXR5 code will be changed to PXF5
+ PXR9 code will be changed to PXF9

Overview of PXF-series

+ PXF-series, a compact temperature controller, equipped with large LDC display.
+ Fast sampling capability with horizontal speed with PXH-series (50 ms)
+ Highly accuracy Information, bringing many features of PXG line while having a very competitive price.
+ The device is equipped with multiple in / out ports and advanced control functions, suitable for widely use.

see the Catalog for more details :

Catalog PXF4

Catalog PXF5

Catalog PXF9