Frenic Mega – The best choice for strictly demanding applications

If you are looking for a series of inverters for applications that require high standards of accuracy, durability, and long-term stability, especially for applications in heavy industries, in factories operating with high capacity,… The Frenic Mega inverter is probably the most ideal choice for you.

Frenic Mega inverter is the successor of its predecessor, G11S series. This is a high-end inverter, with new innovations, the Fuji Electric Frenic Mega inverter has developed one step further, a product line that meets almost every application in the industry.

Frenic Mega is improved more than previous generations

Application of various control methods: PG vector control, sensorless Vector control, dynamic torque vector control, and V / f control.

  • Improve the performance of response currents and response speed (Vector control).
  • Improve durability in overload operation.
  • Connect to the keyboard with USB (Optional).
  • Life expectancy over 10 years.
  • Many different functions to meet most applications.
  • Expansion of the power in the braking control integrated circuit, with a range of 22kW – 110kW.
  • Wide range of capacities, can meets most industrial applications.
  • The overload capacity is 150% / minute, 200% / 5 seconds
  • Integrated braking unit up to 22kW
  • Integrated braking resistor up to 7.5kW.

=> Frenic Mega is always the number 1 choice for high demanding applications


Product series Frenic Mega
Input voltage 3 phase 200 – 240V/50Hz
Output voltage 3 phase 200 – 240V/50Hz
Motor capacity 0.4 – 630 kW
Output capacity 1.1 kVA
Output frequency 0.1 – 500Hz
Overload capacity 200% – 3 seconds, 150% – 1 minute (HD mode), 120% – 1 minute (LD mode)
Built-in RS-485 communication port, braking unit up to 22kW, braking resistors up to 7.5kW

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