First prize in “Hao Phuong 15 years – A journey” (performance no.2)

First prize in

To close the video series in the “Hao Phuong 15 years – A journey” contest. Hao Phuong would like to send you the contest that won the first prize with the impressive name “Sai work”.

“Sái work” is a rap song that is inspired by the daily work of a “mysterious factor” in Hao Phuong’s family. With creative, meaningful content and well-invested performance, rap has brought fresh, new, and modern colors. Contribute to show the dynamic, unceasing creative spirit of the team of Hao Phuong members, as well as create success at the event “Celebrating Hao Phuong 15 years of establishment”. Let’s understand more about Hao Phuong, through this impressive rap!