First prize in “Hao Phuong 15 years – A journey” (Performance No. 1)

First prize in

The music contest “Hao Phuong 15 years – A journey” had the final results, but the program was still full of surprises when there were 2 contest entries to win the first prize.

The first performance that Hao Phuong wants to mention is the performance of the song “My Family Choose”, which is coordinated by members in many different departments, contributing to increasing the emotions of the program. This song, as a sharing of the challenging 15-year journey that Hao Phuong has overcome, at the same time, reminds of a Hao Phuong built from love, enthusiasm, relentless efforts, creativity for sustainable development in the future. Hao Phuong will send you the performance “Gia đình tôi chọn” in this video!