February mini-game “spinning the wheel”


From February 13 to February 19, 2020, the mini-game “Spinning the wheel”, simple spin – getting easy gifts will officially take place at Hao Phuong Company.

Program rules

The organizers will give you a digital wheel, at the link below: http://games.aster.vn/spin.html

Your task is to click on the link, perform a spinning wheel, take a picture of the question you receive and answer it, and then send the answer back to the Organizing Committee.

Also, predict the number of participants in this mini-game.


All officials and employees of the company.

Regulations of the mini-game


The organizers will accept entries from February 13, 2020, to 5:00 pm on February 19, 2020. Replies submitted after this time will not be accepted.

How to answer the question and submit your submission

The answer structure consists of:

  • Pictures of recorded questions.
  • Answers to those questions.
  • The number of people participating in the program.
  • Players send answers to the organizers at the email address: info@haophuong.com

Title: Full name_ Division / department_sđt

Ex: Nguyen Van A_Marketing_098111xxx


In order to motivate all employees to participate in the program. The organizers offer an attractive prize structure including:

+ 1 first prize: 1 shopping voucher worth VND 1,500,000

+ 3 consolation prizes: each prize is 1 shopping voucher VND worth VND 500,000.

The answer will be announced on the February birthday party for members. Let’s see, who will be the winner this time.


In the past months, many members sent answers to all users, so the minigame program was no longer attractive. Please note, please send answers to info@haophuong.com only !!!

I wish you lots of luck.