Energy savings in HVAC systems with Frenic HVAC

Energy savings in HVAC systems with Frenic HVAC

The issue of energy saving is always a special focus in the HVAC system. With nearly a century of development, Fuji Electric has integrated leading technology in Japan and developed the Frenic HVAC series of dedicated inverters, which help HVAC systems not only operate efficiently but also save a lot of energy.

HVAC system overview

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, which helps control the following factors: Temperature, humidity, particle limit, pollution limit bacteria, and pressure in the cleanroom. The design of the system is based on the fundamental principles of heat transfer, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.

Currently, HVAC is widely applied in life and industry such as Air-conditioning and ventilation systems in buildings, commercial centers, especially air-conditioning systems in manufacturing plants. , food,…

A complete HVAC system will include many components to form such as pump, fan, ventilation system and most importantly, a control device that is like the brain of the system, including Inverter , sensors, PLC, monitor, temperature control, … In which, the inverter plays an important role in ensuring operational efficiency and saving energy in HVAC applications.

Frenic HVAC Inverter – The choice to help ensure efficiency and energy saving in HVAC systems

Fuji Electric Corporation, established in 1923, is famous as the oldest electrical equipment manufacturer in Japan.

For nearly a century, Fuji Electric has continuously pursued the development and innovation of the energy technology industry, by continuously improving and bringing superior, quality and more modern products to the industry. industry in the world, typically the Frenic HVAC inverter series – The choice to help ensure efficiency and energy saving in the HVAC system.

Outstanding features of Frenic HVAC

Let’s find out what Fuji Electric’s Frenic HVAC inverter has the outstanding features that make this product line a dedicated inverter for HVAC systems!

– Frenic HVAC with built-in EMC + DCR filter, with super wide power range from 0.75kW to 710kW (with protection structure IP21-IP55).

– Keypad: Convenient, quickly removable to support multi-language.

– Cooling fan: Easily replaceable, flexible on and off to help cool the inverter, improving its lifespan.

– EMC filter: Noise reduction meets IEC618000-3 . standard

– DCR: The inverter heatsink is IEC/N61000-3-2 compliant and can be externally mounted as an option.

– 4PID control: 4PID control is a standard feature of Frenic HVAC inverters. A PID module is used to control the output frequency of the inverter. Besides, the remaining 3 modules can be used to control the external system. If you want to use all 4 modules, the optional card (OPC-G1-AIO) will support you.

– Anti-fire mode: When there is a fire, this function will be turned on. Specifically, the inverter’s fan and pump will operate at maximum capacity in case of an emergency such as a fire, helping the equipment continue to operate without overheating or burning.

Hao Phuong – The leading importer and distributor of Frenic HVAC inverters in Vietnam

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