Distinguish between 1-phase and 3-phase 220V-380V inverter.

There are 2 most popular inverters in the market. These are 1-phase inverters and 3-phase inverters. So what are their differences? Let’s learn with Hao Phuong through the following article.

1-phase inverters

The 1-phase inverter has input for inverter only 1 phase (220V). The inverter output is still 3 phases (380V). Usually, a single-phase inverter is a 220V inverter. Especially Japanese domestic goods have a 1 phase 110V type to 3 phase 220V. This type of inverter can be used in the 220V household grid.

Note that the current inverter series most inputs will be 3 phase 220V. However, when we supply 1 phase of 220V, the inverter still works normally.

Principle of operation of a 1-phase inverter

3-phase inverters

For some types of inverter with 3-phase 220V input, currently on the market when supplying 1-phase power, we must supply exactly according to the document. Because sometimes, in addition to the source of motivation, it is related to the source of control.

For example, inverter with input is L1, L2, L3, including control source at L1 and L3. If you power on L1, L2, the inverter cannot work. In addition, for 380V inverter, most of them are also capable of supplying 1 phase 380V to operate.

Is there a single phase output inverter?

Most types of inverters in this market are 3 phase out. However, there are some inverter companies that have edited the circuit board. At the same time, they use additional accessories to turn this 3-phase inverter into a one-phase output. In fact, this type of inverter exists a major drawback. That control quality of this type is not as good as 3-phase type. Because the principle of operation of 3-phase motor and 1-phase is very different.

You should not use three-phase inverters to run a single-phase motor. Because the drive may report an error. If you really need a speed control solution for a 1-phase motor. You should use a kind of specialized dimmer to control the fan speed.

So we have learned some information about 1 phase inverter into 3 phase output 220V-380V. Don’t forget to follow the following articles to update new knowledge.

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