Discontinuance of production and replacing the code of IDEC Relay socket and security lock

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According to the latest information, IDEC (Japan) will stop production and replace some product lines

As follows:

1. Sockets SH, SM, SR, SY series with a suffix of A will replace by the suffix of B

New code selection table for relay socket SH, SM, SR, SY series

 mã mới đế relay SH, SM, SR, SY

The replacements have signs of identification

Các thay thế đều có dấu hiệu nhận biết

2.HS5E lock switch replaces with HS5L lock switch

HS5L is more compact in size than HS5E

HS5L có kích thước nhỏ gọn hơn so với HS5E

The lock size of HS5L is also designed differently than HS5E announcement of price adjustment for Φ 30 DEC product lines

Kích thước nút khóa của HS5L cũng được thiết kế khác so với HS5E

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