Difficult more than it looks like – The job of delivery staff

Difficult more than it looks like - The job of delivery staff

Journeys on the long roads are the working trips of the diligent and hardworking people. Considered a special job, bringing special experiences that only people in the profession with real passion can understand and think that it is the joy from work.

Perhaps, everyone will have once in their life done these tasks, but not many people can understand the great joy, the deepest meaning of it. “Delivery” sounds like a simple pick-up and delivery to customers’ hands, but few people know how to reach customers, which is a complex and arduous process.

In life, there will often be many ideas given: Delivery, I think it’s just a simple task; this job is no such thing as a career that seems so important,… It is true that I can only smile and laugh and there is a slight sadness when I hear statements like this => the delivery staff will surely sadder.

Truly the job of delivery staff thought light, simple, but in fact, this is a challenging profession, facing many risks. Delivery is also a respectable profession above all. Because after all, for the delivery staff, they still choose to follow this career because they are pleased to be doing the job not only bring joy to customers and bring many practical benefits to themselves and where they work.

And in Hao Phuong, there are people who are diligent and hard-working like that!

In general, the delivery staff in Hao Phuong will be less likely to be in the office, mainly their time working on a familiar motorbike or in a company warehouse, etc. They have the duty to support the departments on completing the documentation or the supply chain. This job does not require a lot of professional knowledge but requires everyone to know about the process, read the documents, be responsible, and careful because The forwarder is the person who contacts and knows the actual condition of the goods more than other people.

Due to the specificity of the work, the delivery staff must spend most of their time on the road, whether it is sunny or rainy. When the weather is good, everything is still acceptable. By the time the rainy season begins, it is a series of days immersed in the rain and to ensure the goods are not wet or damaged. Then, in the hot season, dozens of kilometers of midday sun were changeable for delivery. Not to mention the times when the car breaks down, problems arise unexpectedly, …

Not many people understand the hardships of these people. And maybe because of this, only men can handle it. However, after all these hardships, every employee has the same thought: “Other people always think the whole day walking on the road, both insecure and tired, but we like to go everywhere. , so this profession also brings a lot of fun, interesting, known more places, zigzag lines, shortcuts, most fun when the goods delivered to customers on time and received positive feedback from “god “, … Just turn a job into a hobby, you will not find it hard anymore”, and they use it as the main motive to forever love the job, sticking with the company.

In addition to quality, time is also a factor that creates great confidence for customers. Therefore, it is required that the delivery staff have their own specialized skills, handle every situation well to ensure delivery on schedule. Because only small negligence such as delayed delivery, … The work efficiency will be low, the company’s reputation will be reduced. Therefore, all the team is always ready, just take orders, take the bike, and go straight.

With the motto “Your satisfaction is our success and our greatest value” is what Hao Phuong always strives to pursue to achieve 100%. Therefore, every Hao Phuong delivery staff understands that they are the bridge between the buyer and the seller, acting as a shipping and information channel, helping the goods circulation process be smooth and throughout. Therefore, taking care of their customers will help customers to respond quickly and directly to the products. Moreover, as the delivery service becomes more and more complete in the interest of each customer’s feelings, the customer satisfaction and decision to stick with the company and that is a great success in their work.

Although knowing every career has its own challenges, every job is very arduous, not just a particular profession. Hao Phuong hopes that all the delivery staff – an important part of Hao Phuong’s family, please continue to work with all your enthusiasm, always try and accompany the Company in the coming stages.

At the same time, every one of the employees – employees in the company, please give your utmost support to the delivery department so that they can complete the assigned work quickly and excellently. For the development and success of the common home – Hao Phuong.

Think together!