Dan Truong and eternal love songs in the “Celebration of Hao Phuong 15 years of establishment and development”

Dan Truong and eternal love songs in the

The banquet “Hao Phuong celebrates the 15th anniversary of establishment and development” has passed, but surely everyone in the Hao Phuong family will always remember the singing of Dan Truong, with the passionate melodies over the years: Mãi cho em mùa xuân, liên khúc mãi mãi một tình yêu…

In addition to the singing lyrics, the singer also specially dedicates his best wishes to Hao Phuong – wish for more sustainable and strong development in the future. Together with Hao Phuong, re-enjoy the immortal love songs presented by singer Dan Truong in the ceremony “Celebrating the 15th anniversary of Hao Phuong’s establishment and development”!