Course of Enhancing Management Capacity for Middle-level Managers at Hao Phuong (P.2)

On April 13-14, 2019, 40 trainees including heads/deputy heads and leaders of departments completed half of the semester in the Course of Enhancing Management Capacity for Middle-level Managers at Hao Phuong’s showroom. Everyone is excited about the content of the curriculum. Thereby, trainees quickly apply to practice in their work more completely.

Contents of the program on April 13-14:

April 13: Planning and organizing skills

April 14: Motivating, solving problems and making decisions

In the first two days of the course, lecturer Le Quang Hanh helped students to confidently identify the problem to be solved, apply the process of solving system problems. Also, find and use effective information to solve problems, apply analytical and creative tools in the process of problem solving.

Ấn phẩm và tài liệu cho các học viên

Publications and materials for trainees

This is the form of inhouse training organized at Hao Phuong Company. The instructors cleverly integrated the company’s problems into the lessons. Thereby helping trainees learn and solve practical problems of the company, improve the quality of the best work interactions.

Some pictures in 4 sessions:

Các học viên làm việc theo nhóm 1

Trainees work in groups.

Nhómc của CTHĐQT Nguyễn Tất Dương

CEO Nguyen Tat Duong and everyone else attended the class

Note vấn đề và phương pháp giải quyết vấn

Problems and methods of problem solving are given by trainees during the lesson

thực hành Smarter

Giảng viên chấm bàiLecturers and students create goals based on S.M.A.R.T principles.

Các nhóm đang tập đưa ra quy trình lập kế hoạch

Trình bày quy trình lập kế hoạch

Representatives of the groups explained their planning process

Nhóm của Mr. Hải nhận thưởng

Mr.Hai’s group  has the most accurate planning process and receives awards in class

Thảo luận về tháp nhu cầu Maslow

Discussing about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

Thảo luận về thuyết Herzbeg

Discussing about  Herzbeg theory

Lời cam kết sau buổi học

“We are committed to living and working with all enthusiasm.”

Học viên chụp hình lưu niệm cùng giảng viên

Trainees take photo with teachers

Two days of the couse help us – those who have been, are being and will be managers, have interesting experiences with the content given by teachers. Thereby, it can be applied in practice with its work.

Although within only 4 sessions , it created many comfortable moments, the lecturers teached in an easy way to understand and create excitement for students by learning to discuss in groups.

There are 4 more sessions of the training course, hopefully all of you will participate fully so that we can have experiences and orient for the future, for the overall development of the company.