Course of Enhancing Management Capacity for Middle-level Managers at Hao Phuong (Final)

April 20- 21, 2019, All Heads, Deputy Heads and Leaders of Departments have completed the rest of the Course of Enhancing Management Capacity for Middle-level Managers

Everyone was very happy when they completed the course and got to hold their certificate. This is a testament to their efforts in the process of work and dedication to Hao Phuong.

Study contents on April 20 – 21, 2019:

April 20: Tutoring training and assignment of authorization

April 21: Monitoring and evaluating work efficiency

The last lessons gave us lots of emotions. The laughter of the speakers and the trainees made the trainees excited about the lessons.

GV. Phạm Văn chính

Lecturer, Mr. Pham Van Chinh was presenting the problems in the lesson

Các học viên hứng thú với bài giảng

Practitioners were being interested in the lecture

Through the sessions, the speakers gave us a better understanding of our roles and responsibilities.

Since then we have a more objective view in managing and planning strategies and interacting with employees in our departments.

Some pictures in 4 sessions:

Giảng viên và các học viên chơi trò chơi

Lecturers and students were playing the game, the meaning of the game was applied in the lesson

GV. Nguyễn Xuân Hải

Teacher Nguyen Xuan Hai was giving a gift to the Board of Directors Nguyen Tat Duong

trao đổi nhómtrao đổi nhóm KPI 1

Trainees were working in groups, setting up KPIs of the department Leaders according to S.M.A.R.T principles

Học viên nhận quà thưởng

Ms. Phuong was answering the teacher’s question correctly and received the rewardCTHĐQT Nguyễn Tất DÆ°Æ¡ng tặng hoa cảm Æ¡n CTHĐQT Nguyễn Tất DÆ°Æ¡ng tặng hoa cảm Æ¡n 1

CEO Nguyen Tat Duong was giving flowers to thank 2 lecturers

Giảng viên và học viên chụp hình lưu niệm

Lecturers and trainees took some photos

At the end of the course. Hao Phuong would like to thank the lecturers: Le Quang Hanh, Pham Van Chinh and Nguyen Xuan Hai.

Through lectures and sharing experiences from the teachers, the trainees have an overview of how to manage and understand the necessary tools to become a professional manager and draw for themselves. Much experience to apply for their work.