Core Values ​​- Integrity (Story: A boy with integrity)

Core Values ​​- Integrity (Story: A boy with integrity)

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Integrity is the root of sustainable development. Sustainable development in business cooperation, in social relations, and in the relationship of friends and colleagues.

Sadly, these two noble words are almost overlooked by many people, not understood correctly, and often violated. Here, Hao Phuong would like to share with everyone a true story told by writer Pécaut (a French), a touching story, which he met once in his life and then still remembers, can not forget.

Story: A boy with integrity

One day, when I got out of the house, a 12-year-old child came to me and pleaded with me to buy him a matchbox. With compassion, I took out my wallet to buy, but I only had money with large denominations. I was hesitating when the boy said immediately: “No problem sir, please give me the money, I will run away to find a place to change money and come back to pay you immediately”.

I looked at the boy with a hint of doubt. It hastily said:

“Sir, I’m not a thief!”.

Indeed, its pale face seemed so honest that it was so proud. I immediately handed him a gold coin, and it ran away right towards the end of the street. 5 minutes passed, then 10 minutes, I began to question the boy’s uprightness. And half an hour later, I lost my patience, left to continue walking, thinking that I would never believe in such ruffians again …

At noon, when I got home, at the right place in the morning, I saw a younger child, only 8 or 9 years old, his face like a “thief” as carved. Its expression showed a desperate worry.

It sobbed and said to me:

“Sir, did you give my brother a gold coin? This is the change. It was my brother who asked to send it back to him. We are all orphans but we are not thieves. My brother could not hand it over to you in the morning because he was hit by a car when he rushed to find a place to change money. I… I’m afraid that my brother will die… ”.

In a dazed voice, I asked the boy in shock:

“So where is your brother now? Please, take me to see your brother right away … ”.

I walked, almost run after the baby. We left the affluent neighborhoods to squeeze into the dark, muddy alleys of a poor working district …

The baby stopped in front of a ramshackle shack. One evening, I recognized the boy selling matches in the morning. He lay motionless on a pile of ripped old clothes, his face white from losing so much blood.

It whispered looking at me: “Sir, please come closer to me with …”.

I approached, knelt on one leg, bent down to support the cold, small hand. He said to me, his eyes sparkling with innocent joy:

“My sister gave you the change of money, didn’t she? You see, we are not deceivers and thieves. I only have her as my blood related, I had an accident like this, and … Oh my gosh, what will my sis be from now on? ”

I quietly leaned in and kissed his brow bruised by his wounds, and I promised him that I would whole heartedly take care of the little girl in his place. I talked to him for a while, his thin hand was left forever in mine …

Poor boy, I know the wound is very serious, nothing can be done to heal him in time. The boy probably struggled to live just to see me, with one last word. Now, he no longer moans in pain, his eyes glanced at his dear sister and then blinked at me with an almost happy calm …

See, my little friend died like that.

The boy gave me admiration and sympathy for a very pure, innocent child in the midst of extreme poverty and suffering.

A few words to share

  • After reading the above story, what are your thoughts?
  • Whether we have a righteous heart like the boy above or not? If so, how did we show it, and was it good enough?

We can see here in this world, in unhappy life fragments, torn pieces of clothing, there are still kind hearts, wonderful personalities. So we should never look down on other people, don’t judge their appearance! Like the little boy above, despite his poor appearance, his heart is so noble! Does modern society still have beautiful examples like this?

Through here, Hao Phuong also emphasized: Each employee must know to humbly listen to the opinions of everyone in society, the collective, and his colleagues, that is integrity. There are many people who believe that: Integrity is a good virtue, but whether you can do it or not depends on it and has no significant consequences. But in fact, a lack of integrity will cause bad consequences. At the same time, when people have integrity, people always easily adapt and flexibly adapt to all circumstances and generate new ideas at work. The company always proposes measures to nurture and foster integrity for its employees because integrity is the most fundamental factor in making a business successful in every sense. Think together!