Core value: The power of Belief!

Core value: The power of Belief!

Life is a place containing opportunities for people to develop, along with countless challenges that people must overcome if they want to hold success and happiness. Adversity can make people discouraged and give up, but if we always keep the strength of our belief, we will mobilize all our efforts, creating the light to overcome everything.

The power of belief can bring about unexpected changes!

If you lost money, you lost nothing

 if you lost health you lost something

 if you lost your belief you lost everything

“Belief” is the belief, confidence in yourself, or a good thing in life. Keeping in your heart the light of belief is the human’s trustworthy attitude in all things and in all circumstances. When people have belief, people have great spiritual power to fulfill their wishes, plans, and goals.

Life always has contradictions and adversities that can hinder people’s steps, then the light of belief will be an important factor in guiding the way to overcome the darkness of adversity to the light of success, happiness.

Core value: The power of Belief!

The power of human belief is the light that guides the path to success and happiness

When there is a belief in oneself, belief in human life will mobilize mental strength, hard work, hard work to overcome difficulties and challenges. Faced with difficulties, if we ourselves do not have the confidence to overcome, we always bow to the situation and that situation is always a hindrance to our success.

Success comes from the power of belief and resilience

Without the strength of solidarity, without belief in the national strength, how could our ancestors make great victories in the two wars against the French colonialists and the American imperialists to liberate the country?

Even in Hao Phuong, if the Board of Directors did not have confidence in our strategies and directions, officers and employees also did not have confidence in the leadership of the Board of Directors, could we see a strong development of Hao Phuong like today? It is the strength of belief that has helped everyone in the whole company to be determined to build and overcome all difficulties and challenges over the past 15 years to create those great successes.

Core value: The power of Belief!

Hao Phuong 14th birthday party

The sleeping “giant” inside of you is waiting to be awakened

Belief is a very simple language that anyone can speak and read. But to have faith is a miracle that every person needs to strive for. Belief will help us stand up to the cycle of life and when you have faith you will do the seemingly impossible. Please respect the beliefs that exist in you, and enrich the value of beliefs, as well as promote the strength of beliefs with specific actions! THINK TOGETHER.