Core value: Prestige!

Core value: Prestige!

Keeping a promise is just one of the most obvious manifestations of keeping a faithful word. By nature, keeping prestige is not only keeping promises but also expressing their sense of responsibility and determination when fulfilling their promises (quality, efficiency, and trustworthiness of everyone, …) in their work, social relations, and business cooperation relations.

In life, there are still many people who do not value trustworthiness. They live selfishly, deceit, take advantage of other people’s beliefs to avoid responsibility or profit for themselves. They are always ready to deceive, do despicable things without being ashamed. Such people deserve condemnation and punishment.

The Prestige is the fidelity first and the back as one, does not change the heart, even promising a small thing is not wrong. Trust is first of all trust to ourselves. Being able to do it is to respect yourself first. When you have respect for yourself, you will understand the need to keep your faith with others. Here is a story for us to ponder:

A story about Prestige

– Buy some vegetables, Mister? A hoarse voice, trembling startled him. He turned his back, an old, hogback woman tried to look up at a girl in a branded coat. Next to her is a bunch of vegetables with only a few bunches of crumpled water spinach.

– Buy some vegetables for me, will you? The old woman’s voice was still pleading.

– With vegetables like this, you should feed them for pigs! The girl let go of her cruel words and waved her hand straight.

He looked back at the girl, frowning, waiting for her to disappear. He then said to the old woman:

– How much do you sell these vegetables for?

– Two thousand a bunch – The old lady was happy.

He pulled out a ten thousand dongs bill to give her.

– Why did you buy so much?

– I buy them for my friends. Now that I have to go to work, can you keep these veg for me, I’ll come back in the afternoon to take it.

Then he pushed the gas pedal and go. He feels happy.

That afternoon, it’s raining cat and dog. He looked at the trees winding in the wind, he suddenly remembered the old woman and pity for the destitute. Then he got into work with much anxiety. He completely forgot the old lady.

One Sunday afternoon, he stopped by the iced tea shop on the roadside. Before he lit a cigarette, he was suddenly startled by the loud voice of a woman nearby:

– The old lady selling vegetables is gone!

– The old lady often comes over here, miss? – the tea selling lady said.

– Yes. Poor old lady. A few weeks ago the old woman, who turned to evidence, sat in the rain by a bunch of vegetables. Someone felt compassion for help, but she refused to sell, then heard that the old lady caught a cold and died.

Hearing this, his eyes suddenly blurred, the cigarette fell from his lips.

A few words to share

The story is a touching lesson about Prestige. Keeping your prestige is not something great or great. Keep the prestige as simple as the act of the old lady selling vegetables in the above story. That is by all means to keep the promise. Simple, but not everyone has the patience to do it. A promise is not simply a word to say, it is a sincere commitment to fulfillment.

Through here Hao Phuong also praised

Prestige at work is extremely important. When a person wants to create trust in the job with others, the first thing to create must know how to complete the job on time. Not only on time but also to ensure the quality of work. A person who knows how to keep Prestige in work will be more advantageous in work as well as advancement in work.

Live must know how to keep trust Knowing that keeping your credit is true to human morality is the key to opening the door to success. Never promise more than you can deliver. Live honestly, value trust, love, and respect everyone.

Prestige is the bridge to link people with people, also the foundation for us to live together in a community, forming harmony and sincerity. If you have trust, then love will form. It means that relationships will be long and strong. People can fully trust each other to unite, stick together, work together to create great strength for both life and work influence.

Think together!