Construction progress of Hao Phuong Company’s Headquarters (P.2)

thi công trụ sở hạo phương

After 5 months of constructing the head office of Hao Phuong Co., Ltd, with a very fast construction schedule, the project has now completed 90% of the raw material and is preparing to transition to the stage of finishing construction walls, power lines and systems. air conditioning system…

To welcome the new year with a new good start, the team of executives is trying to accelerate the progress to complete the project on the occasion of the upcoming Lunar New Year. It is expected that the company’s year-end party will take place here, in the new and spacious “home” in the co-workers’ spirit of attachment, always supporting each other in promoting and contributing to opening Hao Phuong wider and more developed in the future.

Some pictures of construction work in the current time: