Configuration of robot Palletizer – simple system (RPSS-02)

Robot Palletizer - RPSS-02-3

In order to meet the demands of today’s market, many enterprises have invested heavily in production improvements. The palletizing robotic system is an industrial solution with many outstanding advantages that is currently very much concerned.In this article, let’s learn about Robot palletizing system RPSS-02.

Configuration of Robot Palletizer RPSS-02

Configuration of the system includes 1 input and 2 outputs, details are as follows:

  1. Robot Arm: 4-axis robot arm
  2. EOAT (End of Arm Tool): grip set attached to the robot
  3. Base for robots: Brackets for robots
  4. Infeed Conveyor: input Conveyor
  5. Flattener Conveyor: flattening bag Conveyor
  6. Alignment Conveyor: centering Conveyor
  7. Station Conveyor: Bag clamping conveyor
  8. Manual pallet: Manual pallet provider
  9. Pallet Locater: Locating pallets
  10. Guarding: Protection fence
  11. Safety Light Curtain: Safety sensor
  12. Main cabinet: Central control cabinet

In addition, the Robot Palletizer system can integrate the following details:

  • Check Weigher weighing system, product weight check and automatically remove fail products.
  • Wrapper machine to wrap PE film for pallets.

Robot Palletizer - RPSS-02-1

Robot Palletizer - RPSS-02-3

Robot Palletizer - RPSS-02-2

Configuration of Robot Palletizer – RPSS-02

Application of Robot System RPSS-02

Robot Palletizer System – Simple System is used in placing finished bags and cartons on pallets easily and quickly. Thereby contributing to cost savings for businesses.

What are the great advantages that RPSS-02 brings?

  • Speed ​​up to more than 1000 cycles / hour.
  • This is a specialized robot system, capable of working up to 3 shifts per day. This feature is suitable for all environmental conditions of different plants.
  • Low cost, quick payback time.

Hao Phuong is the pioneer in developing the Robotic Palletizer system

The process of applying technology to create competitive advantages is also a challenge for Vietnamese businesses. Because advanced technologies such as automated robots are now manufactured and distributed by large foreign corporations. For example, Germany, Japan, Canada, Thailand … Imported products always have high investment costs. At the same time maintenance costs are also high. But now the cost issue is no longer a big challenge.

Vietnamese businesses have been able to compete with technology by products completed by the Vietnamese themselves. Typically, the solution of palletizing robots that Hao Phuong is providing. In addition to robotic arms imported from Europe or Japan, other components are designed, processed and installed by us. This creates the Robotic Palletizer system. These solutions not only meet the needs of customers. They also help customers significantly save system investment costs.


Hao Phuong Corp is the pioneer enterprise in addressing challenges in the industrial age 4.0. With over 14 years of experience, we are confident to be the leading system integrator in Vietnam. Hao Phuong understands the challenges of businesses. Therefore, the company is constantly investing in research. The goal is to approach modern technology. Since then to best serve the needs of society as well as customers and partners.