Communication work – Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

For a business, the power of communication is very important because it affects and effects throughout all activities of the business. Communication helps employees better understand the company, and at the same time helps customers and consumers to trust more about the quality of the company’s products and services.

Hao Phuong focuses on developing the communication department with the aim: homogeneous development orientation, highlighting the value the company is aiming at, helping the Board of Directors in connecting employees together.

Brief introduction about communication activities in Hao Phuong

It can be said that Hao Phuong has constantly innovated, updated, and applied new communication methods in each of its goals and strategies for sustainable and comprehensive development. All communication activities in Hao Phuong are carried out according to a consistent and strict process: from receiving requests from departments, identifying communication tools, ideas, content, … to When that information is transmitted and accessed to customers quickly and easily, all of that work requires high concentration and accuracy.

Communication department of Hao Phuong divided into 2 main branches

Internal communication

Purpose: Communicate essential content and messages from management to employees at the right time. Communicate vision, mission, and core values ​​to employees to shape, tighten, and spread the company’s culture.

Internal communication is operating through the following tools

– Internal email: Update publications, share philosophy, quick information on HR notices, regulations, contest rules, happy birthday members, … All contents are sent to employees via the address

Information board: The place where Hao Phuong’s information is presented to employees, especially those who do not have much time to join the internet. The content of the transmission consists of 2 parts:

  • Information section (announcement, regulations, recruitment, …).
  • Activities section (Birthday banners, outstanding activities, contest rules, …).

Information boards are located next to the stairs, elevators, and near the workshop so that everyone can easily see and access.

SMS: Send to employees special hot information (need to be concerned) such as: notification of disease situation, happy birthday, … SMS is the fastest bridge connecting employees and Hao Phuong.

Facebook Group: the place where Hao Phuong can transmit information, announcements, articles, events, outstanding activities, and share thoughts and feelings of employees, …

Internal Event: The main purpose is to increase solidarity, connect employees with the Board of Directors, among employees. Including all member birthday activities, Christmas, Year-End, volunteering, travel, sports, …

In addition, the internal media is also responsible for conveying the company’s philosophy through articles transmitted via mail, Facebook group, …

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Some internal communication activities

External communication

Hao Phuong is applying the omnichannel model: This is considered a communication method that helps Hao Phuong coordinate channels in a unified way to increase brand coverage and to care more about customers, not only helping to improve brand value but also drive sales significantly.

Purpose: To convey content and information to customers and partners. Promote images, brands, products, and services in order to build a trusting relationship between Hao Phuong and partners, customers.

External communication is active through the means:

* Website: Considered the face of Hao Phuong. The website shows everything that Hao Phuong wants to convey to everyone, including products, services, strategies, … All employees and customers can update and search for information anytime, anywhere. through this system.

– Hao Phuong website system: focus on developing 4 main websites

+ Hao Phuong profile website: Here (English, Vietnamese))

+ Hao Phuong news website: Here (English, Vietnamese)

+ Product website: Here

+ Project website: Here

– In addition, Hao Phuong also builds a system of satellite sites such as

+ Solar solution page: Here

+ Community healthcare page: Here

+ And many other satellite websites with different purposes.

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Some websites of Hao Phuong

* Social networking sites

– Facebook Fanpage: Help Hao Phuong promote the image, brand, provide information to customers and partners quickly and accurately at the same time Hao Phuong increases interaction with his customers quickly and conveniently.

Hao Phuong’s Facebook page includes:

+ Hao Phuong – Industrial automation solution: Posting information about Hao Phuong’s solutions.

+ – Distributor of electrical equipment: Post information about Hao Phuong’s products.

+ Hao Phuong Solar: Post information about solar solution of Hao Phuong.

+ Industrial inverter: Post information about Hao Phuong’s inverter products.

+ Aster – Your health companion: Post information about B2C products.

+ Group of Electrical Industry – Automation: Gather the distributors of the electricity industry managed by Hao Phuong.

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Some Fanpage Facebook of Hao Phuong

– Zalo: Currently Hao Phuong has posted more than 500 products on Zalo, Zalo channel will be focused on building Hao Phuong in the nearest time.

Access by phone: Here

* Email marketing: Customer care of Hao Phuong through methodical communication strategies.


* External event


+ Promote company image (exhibition).

+ Launching new products, thanking customers (seminars, …).

* Shopee E-commerce channel: Selling products of Hao Phuong

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Shopee is also a place for Hao Phuong to introduce its products

* Youtube: Including videos about products, services, company philosophy edited by Hao Phuong himself.

Hao Phuong’s youtube channels are:

+ The channel of Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company.

+ channel.

* Google Ads

Google Ads helps Hao Phuong increase the visibility of product content to reach people in need (people interested in Hao Phuong’s products and services – and display related ads), …


+ Display advertising – Remarketing: Reach users with images, banner ads.

+ Shopping advertising: Display the products that customers search for in the form of images with full information and prices.

+ Keyword ads: Display search results about product information that customers are interested in based on the key keywords they search for.

Communication work - Promoting Hao Phuong to reach out

Product information Hao Phuong coverage on google

It can be said that when society’s demand for information searching and shopping changes, it has greatly influenced the business communication model and strategy. Plus the boom in e-commerce platforms makes traditional business models obsolete. Now with the Omni Channel model, Hao Phuong has adapted to the trends of information searching and multi-channel shopping of customers.

At the same time, as a member of the Hao Phuong family, what are you waiting for, let’s see if there are any pages of Hao Phuong that I have not followed. Quickly register, participate in following the information pages of Hao Phuong. Not only to quickly grasp the information but also contribute to help Hao Phuong communicate information and promote the company’s brand to customers and partners. Think together!