Collective strength – The prerequisite for the growth of the business

Collective strength – The prerequisite for the growth of the business

Each group has a different purpose, but in general, for a strong team to have the active contribution of each member. Thereby, creating a great solidarity block, establishing collective strength to bring businesses to new successes. It can be said that to create a “sparkling sky” – A strong and successful business is the most valuable collective strength.

Lessons from wild geese

Billionaire Warren Buffett once said, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Life is an interaction and attachment between people, no one can claim to work independently without any help from others. The following lessons from the wild geese will help us have a deeper insight into collective strength:

In the fall, when you see wild geese flying south to avoid winter in a V-shape, do you wonder what scientific arguments can be drawn from that? Every time a goose flaps its wings, it creates a thrust for the goose to fly right behind it. By flying in a V-shape, the geese save 71% of their energy compared to if they flew one by one.

When members of a group, people share common goals, people get where they want to go faster and easier because they are going based on mutual trust.

Every time a goose strays from the V-shape of the flock, it quickly feels the drag and the difficulties of flying alone. It will quickly return to the swarm flying in the same V-shape and enjoy the advantages of the swarm’s power.

Hao Phuong promotes collective strength in activities

In a study or at work, if we know how to make good use of the power of each individual to work together like the other geese, we will also create greater results, bring success to organizations and individuals.

Collective strength – The prerequisite for the growth of the business

Collective strength is a prerequisite for building a healthy and sustainable business. With this power, people know how to love and support each other and help each other to progress in work as well as in life, this creates a cultural identity, a healthy lifestyle in the company’s collective, thereby creating leverage on human resources to help the company grow and prosper.

Since the first steps, Hao Phuong’s family team has built a collective spirit through training activities, coaching, monthly birthday parties, annual travel, year-end parties, anniversaries. Established a company, … And recently, Hao Phuong has promoted the collective strength to deal with the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic such as:

– Implement 3T activities (3 on-site: production on the spot – eat on the spot – rest on the spot) promptly and effectively and coordinate with the Ministry of Health to strengthen the Covid-19 rapid test in the morning of the day 16/07. Show consensus, determination, sense of responsibility for the work of the whole Hao Phuong team.

– Established the Support Fund “Spreading love with Hao Phuong”, with continuous support waves, so far this is the third time of Hao Phuong’s support. And not stopping there, the Fund is still being mobilized, so that it can be quickly shared to more special cases. This is also all heart, love, and mutual help, overcoming all challenges together, not only in work but also in life.

– Letter of encouragement from the General Director – The eldest brother Nguyen Tat Duong, although, during this epidemic period, he was very busy with many things, he did not forget, giving the attention and encouragement of to all members. Thereby, connecting more collective spirit and showing Hao Phuong’s consensus. “Together we will defeat the epidemic, overcome difficulties, stand firm and develop” – Excerpt from the letter of encouragement from General Director Nguyen Tat Duong to Hao Phuong’s family.

In particular, in the current situation, vaccines have become an important solution in creating a safe and healthy green area for the community. Recognizing this importance, Hao Phuong’s Board of Directors has been urgently and actively looking for vaccines to vaccinate all officials and employees in order to protect personal health in particular and contribute add strength to the safety and well-being of society at large. Accordingly, up to now, more than 80% of employees have been vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine.

=> This is the strength and solidarity of the Hao Phuong collective. With this spirit of close association, Hao Phuong will move forward together and together create new successful turning points in the future.

==> In conclusion, collective strength is created by the combination of the strength of independent individuals. Therefore, each individual should fulfill his/her duties well, and at the same time, always improve working efficiency and interact well with other members, to create a strong team, optimize labor results.