Colleagueship at Hao Phuong – My feeling after a year of companionship

Colleagueship at Hao Phuong - My feeling after a year of companionship

Surely anyone who has been sticking together in a team has feelings through the days of working together, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties at work to achieve common goals. Therefore, colleagues’ friends always have special meaning, sticking together not only through daily communication but by invisible emotional strings, which is ” Colleagueship “. In a team, it is certain that each person has each character, each individual personality, but when listening, sharing, … to empathize about work, family and the chaos of life, all like loved ones in a large family. Let’s listen to my sharing about the ” Colleagueship ” that I had after a year of sticking to this Hao Phuong family!

Colleagueship at Hao Phuong - My feeling after a year of companionship

Activities and meaningful moments at Hao Phuong that create “Colleagueship” in me

15 more days! Marking the full year of my step into Hao Phuong is that many days I experience many mixed emotions and that time, that place (Hao Phuong) gave me the noble meaning of ” colleagueship ”.

Surely, not just me or anyone else who wears Hao Phuong’s shirt has the same feelings with many feelings through the days together. Although my feet are still step-by-step, not yet steady in the development journey of Hao Phuong, I am always steady because there are always my colleagues who go forward and overcome together to achieve the goals ahead. Colleagues are tied together not only by tight bracelets but invisible emotional ropes that match the same team. It created in me a very unforgettable HPC moment that was ” colleagueship”.

Each person in Hao Phuong has each individual character, but brings the very close common of Hao Phuong and when sitting together to tell stories, to listen, to share, … to empathize about work. , about family and about worries, it is all sympathy and sharing. Sitting beside me are friends, colleagues, who together look back on the journey through and remove obstacles together to complete the Hao Phuong development goal. Colleagues around me are good friends, who work together to solve problems with me. Although it is not absolute, the fellow Hao Phuong members that I have encountered can trust to listen to advice, share sadness together, cheer us on when we are not confident, ignore mistakes that we made and help us out sincerely, without asking for return. And I’m fortunate to have colleagues like that.

Colleagueship at Hao Phuong - My feeling after a year of companionship

Chatting and sharing together in each meaningful time, place, moment

No matter how strong they are, no one can be alone, so those companions always have special meaning. I have not had enough experience to confirm anything. But I believe that no matter how complicated life is, you only need a sincere and warm heart, you will meet such people on this journey of life discovery. You and I should believe like that! And let me continue to feel about the feelings of colleagues in Hao Phuong.

In workplace life, you can choose a job, but you cannot choose a co-worker or a colleague. However, practically every day I spend more than 1/3 of my time sitting with colleagues Hao Phuong, more than 8 hours/day, I feel the feelings of colleagues here. Not all of them, but sometimes I feel that feeling in me grow. For me Hao Phuong is a big family, the colleagues are relatives, meeting by chance on a busy road, accidentally heading towards the same goal. White shirt (probationary staff), blue shirt (official employee), and the same roof are still considered one.

I love the tight handshake and the intimate look. When I’m happiest, the joy is always multiplied, by the laughs, good wishes. When I had the most difficulty, the saddest was also when my colleagues came in time and shared in time, that sadness gradually dissipated through every gesture, every encouragement, every interested look in his colleagues. next. Hao Phuong colleagues taught me: The best way to overcome a difficulty is to go through it. That motivation has made me overcome because around me are Hao Phuong’s colleagues in the color of Hao Phuong, the color of hope, and each day comes closer to me. Always sympathize with me to share that is my colleagues.

A year is not long, it can be called very short, but Hao Phuong has been a place for me to bond with my co-worker relationship, brotherhood is more than a journey of thousands of miles, … live, it’s the real meaning, a real feeling. I definitely believe that I will also experience Hao Phuong not 1 year but more than that. And also will and colleagues in our department/department, in Hao Phuong, sit together with this large family to look back and tell each other about the road we came together. I will also look to the future together with my colleagues on Hao Phuong’s career.

Between colleagues, there is a cord connected by sincerity. Maybe in a team sometimes there are some colleagues who do not match their personalities, interests, … but try to learn and use your sincerity to bring the members together, beside Then respect the individuality of each individual.

Build friendships – work colleagues, good colleagues will be our lifelong friends. They can share their joys and sorrows even when they are no longer working or retired. A good relationship with colleagues will help you succeed, create balance for your life.

Life always needs sharing and love, that’s the most important thing to help you find your second family in a collective environment. Do not hesitate, open your heart to everyone, you will feel the attachment and integration between yourself and the team. By doing these things, you have contributed to making your living space comfortable and full of love atmosphere. When a group of individuals sticking together will be a solid solidarity block, together to overcome difficulties in all circumstances to achieve success.

Thank you to all my colleagues who have always been by my side! Think together!