Closing & Awarding Ceremony of Hao Phuong Group 2018 annual football

lể tổng kết trao giải bóng đá thường niên hạo phương 2018

Over 2 seasons, Hao Phuong Group 2018 football tournament has officially closed in the jubilant and bustling atmosphere. on 18:00 on August 25, 2018, the Board of Directors of Hao Phuong Company held a ceremony to summarize and award the Hao Phuong Group Annual Football Prize 2018 at Phuong Nam Resort.

Cup kỉ niệm chương Cups, medals, souvenir flags, fresh flowers will be given to individuals and organizations who have contributed to the tournament

This is the annual activity of the Hao Phuong family, the tournament not only contributes to the development of the sport movement but also creates a healthy playground, a place for teams to show their talents on the pitch with the youth of themselves.

Hao Phuong Group 2018 Football League was successful thanks to a part of the professional organization, the tournament was upgraded compared to last year.

The football tournament ended with a full range of emotional flavors: happy, sad, regretful but above all, the teams have given us beautiful matches, Fairplay competitive spirit. extremely impressive cheerleading performance creates a lively and exciting playground.

At the ceremony, there was the presence of the Board of Directors and all employees in Hao Phuong’s family. Before coming to the awards section, everyone heading towards the stage reviewed the funny and memorable moments of this season.
khoảnh khắc tiệc vui vẻ

Everyone watching the clip captures memorable moments throughout the season

General Director Nguyen Tat Duong was excited and congratulated the success of the tournament, he said: “This year’s tournament is a great success, a great tournament, we all unite as a family.”

Personally, his statement is like a promise: “The company will organize meaningful activities to create a playground and to associate colleagues among departments so that every day is a fun day. ”

TGĐ phát biểu tại lễ tổng kết

General Director Nguyen Tat Duong was giving a speech at the closing ceremony

Mr. Nguyen Quang Dieu – Head of the Organizing Committee said: “The Hao Phuong Group 2018 Football Championship has created conditions for everyone to have a healthy playground, improve the spirit of sports and entertainment. I hope the company continues to create conditions for everyone to have fun. Thank everyone! ”

chú Nguyễn Quang Diệu phát biểu tại lễ tổng kết

Human Resource Manager – Mr. Nguyen Quang Dieu spoke at the closing ceremony

Awarding and honoring individuals and excellent teams of Hao Phuong Group 2018 football tournament
In recognition of the positive contributions of the collectives and individuals, at the closing ceremony, the awards were given to outstanding individuals and collectives.

The best individual and collective of Hao Phuong Group 2018 tournament

Hạo Phương trao cup và hoa cho nhà vô địch

The best individual and collective of Hao Phuong Group 2018 tournament

trao cờ và hoa cho đội 5 đạt giải nhì

Chief of Human Resource Department – Mr. Dieu handed flags and flowers to the team 5 for winning the second prize

trao giải ba cho đội 3

Head of the warehouse, Ms. Khanh handed the third prize to team 3

trao giải khuyển khích

Mr. Hong Hai – Business Director gave an encouragement prize to Team 1 and Team 6

kỉ niệm chương giải phong cách

Team 4 and team 5 receive a medal of style award

nhận giải vua phá lưới

Hieu Trong received the top scorer award

giải thưởng dự đoán đúng

Mr. Thang – The Deputy General Director awarded the award for the 5th round

trao giải thưởng dự đoán đúng xếp hạng

Mr. Thien – The leader of the control team awarded the prize for correctly predicting the final ranking

The images recorded a memorable moment at the review of the Hao Phuong Group football tournament 2018

hình ảnh ghi lại khoảnh khắc
hình ảnh ghi lại phòng bán hàng

thành viên chung vui

bàn gái xinh phòng nhân sự

hô hào zô zô 1 2 3

đóng góp cả khúc cùng bửa tiệc

mọi người dành lời chúc cho nhau

các bạn nử củng cạn lý

mọi người vổ tay trong không khí vui vẻ

mọi người chụp ảnh lưu khoảnh khắc

các bạn nử lưu lại khoảnh khắc đẹp

kết thúc buổi tiệc

The 2018 Hao Phuong Group Football Tournament has ended but the echo of the heating matches, the cheering leave sharp markings in everyone’s hearts. Hopefully, in the next season, the players, fans of Hao Phuong continue to contribute, still “burning” up the flaming sports spirit to create an exciting and successful season.