Christmas party

Tiệc mừng giáng sinh 2017

What’s special in December???

It is the busiest month not only for businesses but also for everyone who is struggling to earn a living.

December, the month of the settlement, of the completion of targets, of the production shift … And is the month that the whole world looks forward to the funny plans, welcome meetings with Christmas and family and relatives.

Understanding the worries of everyone, Board of Directors of Hao Phuong Company decided to hold a Christmas party in order to:

– Increasing the connection of members in the company

– Create a happy atmosphere at the end of the year to add motivation to complete the 2016 plan.

Party details (expected)

– Pick up guests: 5:30 PM on December 23, 2016

– Venue: At the company yard

– Banquet: 6:00 pm Statement of the reason for organizing the party, drawing lots of gifts from attendees and buffet.

Attendance rules (expected)

– Each participant will prepare themselves a meaningful gift.

Hopefully, through this party, the members have more time to relax and share with each other. Working together to contribute to creating a warm and joyful Christmas party.

Tiệc mừng giáng sinh 2017