Choose RTU or PLC? Which is the right choice ?

so sánh PLC và RTU lựa chọn đúng

There is now the fact that although the programmable logic controller (PLC) is the dominant product in the industry, there are still many applications that use remote terminal blocks (RTU).

Which is the right choice between PLC and RTU ?

Along with the development of PLC and PAC (automatic programmable control), the question is when is most suitable for using RTU or PLC.

PLC or RTU ?

The most detailed feedback explains that.

RTU is an electrical device controlled by the microprocessor, which acts as an interface for the distributed control system and SCADA system by transmitting measured data remotely to the system and / or replacing the state of The object is connected based on the reports received from the system.

PLC is basically a digital computer used for automating electromechanical processes. Because the functions of RTU and PLC match.

RTU is often used more for remote measurement over a wide geographical range while PLC is best suited for local area control.

Opinions of experts.

Some other opinions suggest that communication capability of PLC is stronger than RTU because it has higher flexibility. The debate has yet to stop.

One of the simpler and more appropriate explanations is. If you need a single controller that is effective for your application, then PLC seems to be the best option but it should be considered because it requires programming skills.

If you need a device to control multiple processes, the RTU is the right solution with the advanced control functions you need, it is basically the interface between field sensors, actuators and central controllers. .

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