Changing the product code feature and launching new product – IDEC Φ30

we would like to send our sincere thanks to customers for using IDEC indicator lights, buttons, relay timers that we are distributing

Hao Phuong would like to inform customers the information from IDEC IZUMI manufacturer so that customers can capture and update the latest information about IDEC products.

Specifically, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of its founding, IDEC will renew the line of Φ30 products. This activity is not simply a change in design, but also to improve product quality towards security Full and more user friendly.

Specific changes are as follows:

Design changes
1- Changing of button design and lamp-turning rotary switch

idec thay đồi thiết kế

  • + The New design will be black on the product body (Selector Switch , indicator light, push button)
  • + Easy to distinguish NO / NC contact blocks by color, Blue (NO) Purple (NC) and NO / NC symbols are printed directly on the contact.
  • + New design allows easy assembly and maintenance compared to previous products.
  • + The color on the buttons of the indicator light will be designed with lighter color tone along with the products will be made more compact, save space and use area.

2- Change the design of contacts

Thay đổi thiết kế về tiếp điểm

3- Changing the design of the rotary switch with lock and no lock

Thay đổi thiết kế công tắc xoay có khóa và không khóa

Read here for more details

Change the code of the rotary switch with locked and non-locked type Φ 30

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Launching a new product line:

  • + Φ30 TWN Series (Plastic Control Units)
  • + Φ30 TWND Series (Diecast Zinc Control Units)

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