CEO Nguyen Tat Duong – More than bravery

Right from the very first steps, with the bravery of a team of only 12 people, the members of Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company worked together to plan a business strategy to develop the control and integration system, at the same time with the goal of becoming a distributor of electrical equipment of top brands in the world.

Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company was established in 2005. The starting point was just a small electrical equipment store, supplied to Song Than Industrial Park in Binh Duong, Hao Phuong leadership has determined themselves in a position of nothing to lose to steer this boat.

General Director Nguyen Tat Duong had a brief discussion with the editorial board of the Vietnam Entrepreneur Magazine, in the first days of the new year when the company just held a ceremony to pay tribute to its 15 years of establishment.

Reporter: Could you share about the journey of building and developing Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company over the past decade?

Mr. Duong: In 2004, our company took the first steps with a team of only 12 people. At that time, the brothers had told each other that we were the first warriors to explore this land (Song Than Industrial Park – Binh Duong). Simply an electrical equipment store, we literally have nothing to lose.

At that time, we were a distributor of industrial electrical products and automation of major brands in the market such as Fuji Electric, Idec, Kansai, Circutor, … Reality has been proven after 15 years of operation. Overcoming all difficulties and challenges in management, but with tireless efforts, revenue at this time has reached 1000 billion.

The company’s staff has grown rapidly from 12 people in 2004 to more than 200 high-tech professionals by 2020, including 5 branches and a storage of 5000 m2, more than 40 agents, 25 suppliers around the world. Turnover will reach nearly 1,000 billion by 2020, each year growth will reach 20-50%. It is really something that personally as well as the company is proud of.

Reporter: What do you think is the reason that brought Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company to the results beyond such expectations?

Mr.Duong: Personally, I always say that people are very important factors. Within 15 years of development, Hao Phuong company has determined that investment in people is the key factor. Only by focusing on new ways, specific new techniques such as the application of robots and high-tech systems can Hao Phuong make a difference with other companies in the market.

We believe with the mission of being a pioneer, solving challenges in the industrial age 4.0, each individual, each member of the Hao Phuong family must be a warrior. Each warrior needs to know his own core values. Especially always give priority to investment in people. Human resources are a valuable asset of the business, therefore, in order to improve employees’ knowledge and skills, Hao Phuong regularly organizes training programs, coaching, and specialized knowledge supplements.

 CEO Nguyen Tat Duong - More than bravery

Employees of Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company

 CEO Nguyen Tat Duong - More than bravery

Developing technological capacity for employees is always the strategy Hao Phuong pursues

Reporter: With the impact and strong influence from the 4.0 technology revolution, do you personally or the company have any decisions on how to manage and operate the company in this new age?

Mr.Duong: Thank you very much for a very good and interesting question (laughs). It is true that the 4.0 technology revolution is having a sweeping impact around the world, the use of robots in many fields (especially the industrial electrical field) to save costs and manpower is becoming more and more popular. . Foreseeing that trend, we proceeded to penetrate the robot market by testing, firstly at the robot exhibition at the 2018 international exhibition of industrial machinery and equipment (VIMAF and VSIF 2018).

Marked a successful start with the first project to install 7 robots for a feed factory in Ben Tre. This is a step in the right direction and very timely from the management of the company. At Hao Phuong company, I always emphasize the element of technology, only technology can help solve the problem of cost and labor productivity at an optimal level. With the goal from mid to long term to reach revenue of 10,000 billion dongs, technology will have to make a big contribution.

For that reason, we leaders always want to “implant the technology” into each employee, every technician of Hao Phuong. First of all, maximum application in operating the company as well as bringing the highest quality solutions to customers.

 CEO Nguyen Tat Duong - More than bravery

Hao Phuong continuously disseminates knowledge and technology skills to employees

Reporter: The concept of “Technology Gen” is very good and unique, why did you put this term into the message for internal communication?

Mr.Duong: In the world, there are many large corporations with a history of more than 100 years, which shows that the development of a company depends on many generations. Taking that as a lesson and example, we define not only in the development stage but at any stage, we also need to build the next, the 2nd, the 3rd, or longer generations. The identification of genetic implantation into each generation of employees can be understood as implanting an inseparable factor.

It is considered to be the inner factor within each individual, to support the body. A strong body must have strong and good genomes, and technology is the key gene. That is why I am always concerned and determined to transmit this thought to all officers and employees of the Hao Phuong family.

 CEO Nguyen Tat Duong - More than bravery

The 15 years of Hao Phuong Joint Stock Company’s foundation anniversary.

Reporter: If there is one piece of advice for companies or young people pursuing this business, what do you think?

Mr.Duong: For me, integrity, creativity, prestige, responsibility are core values that any individual or business must pursue. However, I think that without faith, I will not be able to go far and be a great success. Many major partners in the world have trusted Hao Phuong since we were small. They could have chosen corporations much larger than us, but why did they give that trust to Hao Phuong? Perhaps they were convinced by us with our own internal beliefs.

Thank you very much for accepting the interview, we wish you good health and success to continue sailing the Hao Phuong boat in the upcoming journey.