Celebration of the International Women’s Day – March 8

Hoạt động chào mừng ngày 8-3

Today’s women are not only homemakers who are preparing daily meals for their families. Women today also contribute all their talents, intelligence and labor. They are important factors contributing to the overall development of society.

Hao Phuong – a company specializing in industrial electrical equipment, automation; with technical characteristics mainly related to “gentlemen”. But not because of that, Hao Phuong will have less female members

It can be said that the presence of the ladies and gentlemen in the company, as a refreshing wind, refreshes the work which is inherently considered as dry

Join the atmosphere of honorable day for women. Hao Phuong’s Board of Directors and all the male colleagues in the company wished all women, female colleagues at the North, South and Cambodia branches to be more successful, confident and beautiful.
Wishing the sisters will always receive so much love from relatives and colleagues.