Birthday of company members – Connect the joy for employees

Birthday of company members - Connect the joy for employees

I am a new employee, having been with Hao Phuong for more than half a year, if not, nobody knows that my previous years’ birthdays were often boring, I just kept them on my diary page. as a souvenir marking the birth of yourself. Most of the birthdays for me actually passed quickly and I no longer wanted to notice the calendar when that day was near. Not because there were no people to congratulate nor someone to give gifts, but because of my extrovert nature, I expected more interesting things to come on my birthday.

As a predestined, I came to Hao Phuong, and actually Hao Phuong was the place to tell me what it meant to be a memorable birthday in my life.

If you are suddenly asked, “What is a birthday and why it is so important?”, You will be surprised and probably think this is a silly question. Because in everyone’s mind, default birthday is a day to celebrate one’s birthday and always has a great and important meaning. But have you ever tried to think about why birthdays are so important and how meaningful it is to spend your own birthdays?

For Hao Phuong, the member’s birthday activity in every month is the most frequent activity with the main purpose of encouraging the spirit as well as for all employees to stick with the company, work, and especially is the association between all members and departments. That’s why every member’s birthday party every month has a unique and interesting meaning, which motivates my and everyone’s expectations. It’s a routine or a habit everyone knows, every month, just wait for the mail info to send a happy birthday notification, see the date, see the time, see the location, arrange a reasonable job and the next thing is just a slight excitement to look forward to the day.

Happy birthday to you, the lyrics are both familiar and make everyone who hears feel warm. Hao Phuong’s birthday party is held once a month, although everyone’s age varies, and their birthdates are different. But they all joined in singing the happy birthday song to their colleagues. Each person will have their own feelings but all realize the only thing that is caring, sharing, solidarity, and creating joy for a small but warm party. Everyone lit candles together, blew out those pink candles together, and prayed together. Certainly, everyone has their own prayers but everyone wishes that wish would come true. The party seems to have been multiplied by the multiple because each month there are more members’ birthday, the more fun. All like returning to the childhood days, reliving in the affection of a true family.

There are people who lit their birthday candles, others who have celebrated their birthdays but in the meantime all respect each precious moment. With encouraging words to each other, there was only one cake for each occasion, some fruits, and some cakes that made us a cozy birthday for a big family. And a small anniversary gift of the Company, which is small but meaningful to give me and every one special memory.

Everyone sooner or later will go, the employees will sometimes change companies or quit work, but these souvenir gifts will make them remember of having a very beautiful and happy time at a place where they used to pay tribute and devote themself. To encourage more spirit for colleagues, the “homegrown” repertoire again bustling, together with singing joyful songs to contribute to the warm atmosphere. All of them shared the same lyrics, together raised the glasses of freshwater instead of the wine, but above all it was the warmth, sharing for colleagues. Then even entertaining games are played, the meaning of which is simply to bring joy, relaxation but deepening is to increase the unity of members is the most practical value. The organizers have integrated it in an observant way.

All those great moments are saved by the Marketing team in each photo, article (web). It is a diary page marking memories of the great Hao Phuong family. Later, when I recall, there was something I brought out to review and remember. Although, birthday parties like this are not always full of members. There are people busy here and there, there are people who don’t want to participate. But when they heard someone talk about that moment, most regrets were visible on everyone’s face.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, all domestic activity has been organized and stopped. Member’s birthday is monthly but still remembered by Hao Phuong through wishes, through meaningful gifts. But ultimately for me, all the members and Hao Phuong, if the party takes place is still the most meaningful symbol for those birthdays. All just hope that one thing is to quickly stop the epidemic and all will also continue to attend those birthday parties again.

Those birthdays, though not monumental, not exaggerated, but they create great power to encourage, motivate, and create a beautiful memory in each person’s heart. Thereby creating solidarity, sticking together to share difficulties, support each other, encourage each other, together try to complete the noble mission of “Development of the company”.

Think together!