BE96 Voltmeter, Ammeter – A powerful assistant in your electrical panel system!

BE96 Voltmeter, Ammeter - A powerful assistant in your electrical panel system!

The electrical panel system includes many devices that are installed and arranged according to each specific purpose, for example, switchgear (contactor, mcb, mccb, …), accessory equipment (indicator light, pushbuttons, rotary switch, …) and an indispensable device that is: measuring device (Voltmeter, ampmeter).

BE96 Volt meter, Ammeter are improved quality by Taiwan Meters, ensure stable operation and bring high efficiency during use. This is definitely a worthy device for the powerful assistant position in your electrical panel system!

Highlights of the BE96 Voltmeter, Ammeter

  • The BE96 Volt meter, Ammeter has a needle-shape arrow that displays clear and accurate parameters.
  • Standard dimension: 96x96mm.
  • Saving installation space.
  • Convenient in disassembly, device replacement.
  • Easy to install inside the electrical cabinets.

Introduction of  the BE96 Volt meter, Ammeter

The BE96 Volt meter, Ammeter of Taiwan Meters is a product line from Taiwan, used to measure voltage, current DC / AC.

Ammeter BE 96

The Taiwan Meters Ammeter is the instrument used to measure current with its universal design and is easy to use.

Techincal specification

Origin Taiwan
Standard CE, RU, RoHS, TUV
Measuring range – Direct measuring: 0~100A, class 1
– Indirect measuring: 5~3000A, class 1
Dimension 96x96mm

Voltmeter BE 96

BE96 Voltmenters from Taiwan Meters are tools used to measure the voltage with universal design and easy to use.

Origin Taiwan
Standard CE, RU, RoHS, TUV
Measuring range – Direct measuring:  0~500V, class 1
Dimension 96x96mm

Why should we use the BE96 Voltmeter, Ammeter?

If you are looking for a compact Voltmeter, ammeter, but capable of stable operation and high efficiency during use, the Voltmeter, Ammeter BE96 is the best product for your electrical panel cabinet system.

1 – The BE96 Voltmeter and Ammeter are designed and manufactured directly in Taiwan, Taiwan Meters products meet most of the international quality standards.

The international quality standards that Taiwan Meters meet include:

– RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances): European standard for the restriction of hazardous substances.

– TUV: Organization is responsible for verifying and testing electronic equipment; to ensure the quality and safety of products.

– CE Certification: Allows the product to freely circulate in the European market.

– UL: Reputable, safe, and quality certificate from the US.

=> The above certifications are a testament to the quality and safety of Taiwan Meters equipment.

2 – User-friendly design, easy to set up and install.

The product is designed with user-friendly design, square shape, standard size 96x96mm, easy to set up, and install on an electrical cabinet system.

Actual pictures of Voltmeter, Ammeter BE96 installed on the electrical panel

Actual pictures of Voltmeter, Ammeter BE96 installed on the electrical panel

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3 – Ensure safety when using

The BE96 Volt meter, Ammeter  possesses high mechanical strength from production to inspection, achieving UL international certification of reputation, safety, quality from the US.

4 – Very competitive price

Hao Phuong distributes widely products of Volt, Ampe BE96 meter at dealers nationwide with very competitive prices.

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Taiwan Meters is a manufacturer of industrial electrical equipment from Taiwan. With more than 50 years of experience, Taiwan Meters equipment has obtained many certifications (UL, RoHS) from prestigious organizations around the world product lines such as Voltmeters, Ammeter meters, transformer current, Volt switch, Ampere switch, …

Hao Phuong is the importer and distributor of Taiwan Meter devices in the Vietnam market, with over 15 years of experience in the field. We are committed to providing customers with quality products at the most reasonable prices.

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