Announcements of price adjustment for Φ30 IDEC product lines

Hao Phuong would like to thank our customers for always supporting us.

Hao Phuong would like to inform customers about the price adjustment of IDEC devices (Japan) to better suit the current market.

As follows:
+ The product line of Φ30 IDEC indicator lamps, buttons, rotary switches, from IDEC will be adjusted up compared to the current price list.
+ Price adjustment will be applied from October 1, 2017

If you have a product request please contact us directly at Hotline 1800 6547 or (0274) 3737 619.

About IDEC
IDEC – a manufacturer of accessories from Japan. Over 7 decades of construction and development, devices manufactured by IDEC (relay, indicator light, push button, rotary switch, …) always receive high appreciation for quality and become popular in many areas. world.
Hao Phuong
With years of experience distributing industrial electrical equipment – automation from leading manufacturers in the region. Hao Phuong is committed to bringing products and equipment, along with the best after-sales service and policies. We hope to receive more attention and choose to buy IDEC products from customers.

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