Announcement of invoice for IDEC Relay socket and Timer socket

Hao Phuong Co., Ltd would like to express our sincere thanks for the attention and support of customers during the past time.

We would like to inform our customers about the regulations of invoicing Relay / Timer as follows:

+ When buying Relay / Timer and socket, on the invoice, the code of Relay / Timer will be shown and the unit is “set” but does not show the code of the socket.

+ In case you require only a Relay, aTimer, a socket or a Relay/Timer code with it socket, the price will change from the issuing price as follows:

Product code

Unit price


SM2S-05D VND 46,000 Used for  RM2S & RU2S
SY4S-05D VND 51,000 Used for RY4S & RU4S
SJ1S-05B VND 58,000 Used for RJ1S
SJ2S-05B VND 66,000 Used for RJ2S
SR2P-06A VND 54,000 Used for RR2P
SH2B-05A VND 70,000 Used for RH2B
SH4B-05A VND 121,000 Used for RH4B
Time of application: From the date of the notice
For more information, please contact Hotline: 18006547 for assistance.

thông báo xuất hóa đơn

We are very sorry to announce this price increase, but we hope you will sympathize. Look forward to cooperation from customers.

Thank you very much!