AFQevo filter – Solution for harmonics filtering .

AFQevo filter – Solution for harmonics filtering.

Harmonics and its effects cause significant impacts on devices. Reducing and preventing harmonics to maintain the production process is always a matter of great concern. There are many methods to overcome harmonics and one of them is using harmonic filters

AFQevo harmonics filter  – Circutor filter series

With advanced technology, the AFQevo filter can operate 3-in-1 multi-functions, with functions that can be ordered according to priority order:

  1. Harmonic interference filtering – Reduces harmonic currents up to 50 wavelengths (2500 Hz). Users can choose the frequencies of harmonics to achieve higher efficiency in wave filtering.
  2. Calibration of power factor – Calibration of power factor on both currents: induction and capacitance.
  3. Phase balancing – Calibrate current balance, improve consumption in phases.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

The harmonics were processed using the AFQevo filter

12 features AFQevo filters owned:

  • + Automatic diagnostics: AFQevo has an internal diagnostic system activated during the boot process, showing users whether the device is working properly or having connectivity problems. Notifications are displayed automatically on the TFT touch screen and can be tracked immediately. This ensures correct filter operation and prevents damage caused by incorrect installation errors.
  • + Easy to install: The new design can be wall mounted as well as mounted in the cabinet, along with weight reduction and compact size making installation easier.
  • + Scalability: Allows parallel installation of up to 100 filters. This option increases the flexibility of installation if in the future the user needs to expand the device or change the usage.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

AFQevo with the ability to expand up to 100 filters.

  • + Data recorder: Internal memory 2Gb for recording parameter data in each phase: voltage, power source, load, active power in the line and load, reactive power in the line and Load, THDi, internal temperature and% use filter.
  • + Safe installation: AFEevo has a security system, in accordance with IEC 60730 standard – to perform automatic code and hardware diagnostics. Ensure the system operates safely in case of error detection.
  • + Intelligent heat management system: AFEevo can adjust the fan rotation speed, depending on the needs of each time, with the aim of minimizing the noise generated by the machine and maximizing their life. This ensures the highest thermal efficiency when operating, detects damage to the ventilation system and performs maintenance operations.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

Internal memory 2Gb for recording parameter data

  • + Remote verification: The ability to remotely access via Ethernet connection to perform online diagnostic tasks or to update the system without on-site technical support.
  • + Server-based integration: The website can be accessed from any browser for the purpose of tracking instant parameters, downloading data and events stored on the network without using software.
  • +Energy management via communication communication system: AFQevo has RS-485 port and Ethernet port, so this device can be connected to Modbus RTU protocol to PowerStudio Scada power management software to monitor instant values, creating graphical forms, creating reports and alerts.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

Ability to manage remote devices – the special point that AFQevo owns.

  • + Connection: Check the data of active filters in real time, process data through the screen and create reports by remote connection using Powerstudio SCADA
  • + Touch screen: Use the HMI touch screen to manage and configure devices and display data of on-site filters.
  • + Multi-purpose: Flexible operation, can be configured with a variety of configurations and modes, so it is used in a variety of settings and for many situations.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

Installation model of AFQevo filter on each floor.

Application of AFQevo filter

Harmonic noise filter is a device that is applied in many places and diverse industries such as:

  • + Automatic factories
  • + shopping mall
  • + Types of paper manufacturing machines
  • + Hotel, theater
  • +Especially limited wave places like hospitals and airports.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài

Multi-application AFQevo filter for many industries.



The appearance of harmonics causes serious problems for the power system and equipment system of the plant, power loss and increases maintenance and repair costs. Therefore, choosing to use filters is a way to solve the problem at a reasonable cost, to help optimize the equipment and avoid unwanted losses in production.

AFQevo filter – Giải pháp cho việc lọc nhiễu sóng hài