A solution to save 26-40% energy for plastic pressing machines that you should consider

A solution to save 26-40% energy for plastic pressing machines that you should consider

Currently, plastic pressing machines are required to operate continuously, more efficiently, and save energy in production plants, in order to promptly meet the needs of daily life, as well as serve the needs of the development of many different industries and economic sectors. Therefore, the problem for businesses is: What is the solution to help plastic pressing machines not only operate efficiently but also save energy?

Causes of energy consumption in plastic pressing machines

First, let’s monitor the operation cycle of the plastic pressing machine, to find out the cause of energy consumption!

The working cycle of plastic pressing machine:

  • Molding stage
  • Glue spray stage
  • Holding and cooling stage
  • Mold opening stage

During operation, the motor must always run at 100% capacity for all four cycles above, leading to excess, wasting energy, and causing huge power loss. In addition, when the plastic pressing machine uses electricity directly from the grid, it will easily cause a voltage drop, affecting the production process.

On the other hand, at each stage, the demand for oil flow and oil pressure is different. In which, the cooling stage and the standby stage have the lowest demand for flow. But the pump system is continuously providing maximum oil flow, causing waste and heating of hydraulic oil, especially during the process of excess oil being returned to the oil tank again.

=> Therefore, in order to solve the problem of saving energy and still help the plastic pressing machine to operate stably, a solution is needed.

Inverter – 26-40% energy saving solution for plastic pressing machine

The fact has proven that installing an inverter will bring great economic efficiency, saving 26-40% of electricity consumption. Thanks to the ability to adjust the oil pump motor speed in accordance with the actual requirements at each stage that the pump motor will operate. Thereby, ensuring that the operating capacity is always close to the required capacity, without causing excess energy, saving more power, and also helping the system to reduce voltage drop, operate more stably and quietly (due to reduced inrush current ).

Which inverter and contactor brand should be used for plastic pressing machines to save energy?

Inverter for plastic pressing machine

With the best control technology in the industry, the versatile MD290 series Inovance inverters can powerfully adjust the power consumption and speed of the oil pump motor, and then precisely match the torque to the level. suitable load, helping the oil pump motor in the plastic pressing machine save 25-40% of energy, from specialized features such as:

  • 3 phase input voltage 380V-480V
  • Wide power range 0.4kW to 500kW
  • Output frequency up to 500Hz.
  • V/F . quick control mode
  • 150% (G-type) and 110% (P-type) overload capacity for 60s.
  • Operation in high ambient temperature: ~45oC (max 50oC).
  • Built-in DC reactor and EMC noise filter.
  • Resistant to moisture and dirt to increase product durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Extremely competitive price.

A solution to save 26-40% energy for plastic pressing machines that you should consider

Inverter for plastic pressing machine saves 26-40% of energy consumption

Contactor for plastic pressing machine

In addition, when you have a need to find contactors for plastic injection machines, don’t worry, but confidently choose Fuji Electric’s contactor product line. Because, Fuji Electric’s contactor lines have been confirmed by the Japanese market for quality, stability, outstanding features, reliability and high safety.

Some outstanding features of the contactor from the Fuji Electric brand:

  • Produced directly from technology in Japan
  • Current range 9A-800A.
  • Output frequency up to 500Hz.
  • A number of main contacts: 3 Poles with built-in arc and spark extinguishing chamber.
  • Varied coil voltage 24V – 500V (AC/DC) withstands voltage drops of up to 60%.
  • Easily change coils between contactors (optional).
  • Convenient for attaching additional auxiliary contacts (front, top and side).
  • Ability to switch over 2,000,000 times.
  • Reasonable price.

A solution to save 26-40% energy for plastic pressing machines that you should consider

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