5 types of industrial electrical cabinets that are often preferred

Industrial electrical cabinets are the brains containing electrical equipment, connections, control circuits, circuit breakers, etc. to control the power supply system for a certain load system. Currently, industrial electrical cabinets have become indispensable products in factories, enterprises, etc. So, do you know 5 types of industrial electrical cabinets that are often prioritized by businesses, factories, etc. ? Let’s find out with Hao Phuong in this article!

Functions of industrial electrical cabinets

There are three main functions:

– Industrial electrical cabinets are used to control all electrical systems from equipment to the entire system such as control cabinets or distribution cabinets.

– The electrical cabinets are manufactured on modern technology lines, meeting IEC international standards, so when installing industrial electrical cabinets in companies or industrial parks, it brings the safest for electrical appliances users.

– Industrial electrical cabinets help ensure the continuity of power supply for the electrical system, the machine system always operates safely to avoid risks to the machine and to everyone.

5 popular types of industrial electrical cabinets nowadays

Main Distribution Switch Board – MSB

Main Distribution Switch Board is a type of electrical cabinet installed right after low voltage stations (from 15kV to 380VAC), commonly used in factories.

With the advantage of modular design, MSB electrical cabinets are installed side by side to form a power distribution system, including an Inlet compartment, segmentation compartment and distribution compartment, helping to distribute electricity to the loads that have a large capacity.

5 types of industrial electrical cabinets that are often preferred

Main Distribution Board – MDB

The MDB (Main Distribution Board) is usually installed after the main distribution switchboard MSB and in front of the DB switchboard. Thereby, the MDB switchboard plays an intermediary role in the low-voltage power system, with the task of taking power from the main distribution board MSB to supply the loads.

Therefore, this type of electrical cabinet is often applied in many production workshops, especially in the field of mechanics, or in the technical rooms of the company, factory, factory, apartment building, office building, center. commercial centers, hospitals, airports, etc. to serve the needs of production, daily life and services.

5 types of industrial electrical cabinets that are often preferred

Distribution Board – DB

Distribution Board được thiết kế sử dụng trong các phân xưởng, nhà máy hay phân phối điện cho một tầng trong tòa nhà. Vì vậy, tủ điện phân phối được thiết kế gọn nhẹ, tính thẩm mỹ cao, an toàn và thuận tiện vận hành.

5 types of industrial electrical cabinets that are often preferred

Automatic Transfer Switches – ATS

Automatic Transfer Switches are used where loads require an uninterrupted power supply. When there is a problem from the power grid, the ATS switchboard is responsible for automatically converting the power supply from the grid to the backup source or generator to provide resistance for the active load.

Motor Control Center (MCC)

Motor Control Center, also known as motor control cabinet (used to control and protect motors, pumps, etc. with large capacity).

The starting and controlling methods depend on the motor type and customer requirements (direct start, star-delta start, soft start, inverter, …).

Some types of electrical cabinets have other specialized functions

  • PLC control cabinet.
  • Lighting control cabinet.
  • Electrical cabinets for fire protection.
  • Capacitor cabinet.
  • RMU cabinets.
  • Electrical meter cabinets, …

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