5 benefits only available when using the Inverter

A device to change and adjust the speed of a 3-phase AC motor. The inverter possesses outstanding features and utilities that users can hardly find in other products. In particular, there are 5 outstanding benefits, which have made this device more and more widely used in the automation industry.

1. The Inverter helps to adjust the speed of the engine as you like

The inverter is a device used to change and adjust the speed of 3-phase ac motor; through changing the frequency of 3-phase AC current. Thus, users only need to perform simple operations to adjust the frequency, they can freely and continuously change the rotation speed of the motor in a flexible and effective way. It is the ability to self-adjust the frequency that helps this device always be prioritized by enterprises in the field of automation when having demand.

2. Inverter helps reduce power consumption

With scientific structure and principles of intelligent operation. The inverter is considered as a solution to reduce power loss in today’s automation industry. Specifically, this device uses power semiconductor components manufactured by modern technology so the power conversion efficiency of the inverter is very high. Accordingly, energy consumption is approximately equal to the energy required by the system. Especially in the case of production technology that requires adjusting the flow, pressure in the pump motor or blower according to the appropriate load for each time, the drive motor change is the most appropriate. Especially for power saving.

biến tần Fuji Electric

 Fuji Electric Inverter

3. Enjoy those smart, flexible features when using the inverter

One more benefit of the inverter that always appreciated by users is that users can enjoy smart and flexible features such as automatic motor identification, up to 16 levels, and network control features. , the process of starting and stopping the engine is very smooth, thus extending the life of the engine. In addition, thanks to the progress of microprocessor technology and current semiconductor technology, the frequency of pulse switching can be up to high-frequency range in order to reduce the noise for the engine and reduce losses on the iron motorway.

4. Inverter helps control system operation and machine operating parameters

For the inverter, the system can connect to the computer in the center. Thus, from the control center, the operator can see the operation of the system and the operating parameters (rotation, pressure …), working status as well as allow diagnosis, adjustment and handling unintended incidents such as phase difference, phase failure …

5. Inverter helps increase working efficiency, reduce load damage to machines

With the advanced and modern control systems, the inverter always brings a sense of safety and convenience, while high performance but less maintenance. This outstanding benefit helps users save costs as well as human resources to operate machines. With the benefits difficult to find in other products, the inverter is increasingly bringing many practical benefits for businesses.

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