4 uses of inverters in the era of automation industry that you should know

4 uses of inverters in the era of automation industry that you should know

The inverter is a device used to change and adjust the speed of a 3-phase AC motor by changing the frequency of a 3-phase alternating current.

Today, with the development of automation, inverters are increasingly improved and have built-in features such as PID and monitoring, independent motor control or connection to control systems such as PLCs, SCADA, programmable controllers specifically designed, … to meet almost all applications in industry.

The use of inverters in industry

1 – Protect the engine from mechanical wear

When starting the engine directly from the grid, the problem of mechanical shock and wear is an uncontrollable problem. The inverter helps to start the engine smoothly, even though the process of starting – stopping the engine takes place continuously, helping minimize mechanical wear.

2 – Saving electricity, protecting electrical equipment in the same system

When starting directly, the starting current is many times larger than the rated current, causing a surge in power consumption.

The inverter not only helps to start smoothly but also makes the starting current lower than the rated current, saving electricity at this time. At the same time, do not cause pressure drops (even damage) to other electrical equipment in the system.

In addition to a load of pumps, fans, compressors … or other applications that need to control the flow/pressure, the inverter will help stop the engine in idle mode, thereby saving the maximum amount of power consumption. receptor.

3 – Meet the technology requirements

For applications:

– The application needs synchronous speed such as paper, textile, plastic packaging, printing, steel, …

– Application to control flow/pressure, such as water, compressed air …

– Applications in lifting loads such as cranes, elevators …

=> The use of inverters is indispensable, meeting the technology requirements, improving productivity.

4 – Increase production productivity

For many applications such as textile, dyeing, plastics … The use of inverters will increase productivity compared to when using the direct source, eliminating some bulky, less efficient accessories such as pulleys, turtle motor (auxiliary motor) …

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