4 methods of cooling electrical cabinets that any electrical engineer needs to know

4 methods of cooling electrical cabinets that any electrical engineer needs to know

For the industrial electrical panel system or electrical panel system for the building, the cooling and ventilating solution for the electric cabinet is a very necessary demand. Because in the process of operation, the system of industrial panels, especially the higher capacity of the panel system, the more intense heat is generated, threatening directly to the equipment installed inside.

Solutions to help to cool the electrical cabinet

1 – Cooling with a natural solution

The heat from the device will escape to the outside thanks to the naturally designed ventilation system (the solution is applied to small electrical cabinets, electrical cabinets with less heat-generating equipment when operating).

If the ASSEMBLY is cooled by a natural ventilating solution located in dusty locations, additional dust filters should be used to avoid interfering with internal heat release.

=> This solution helps to save costs.

2 – Cooling the electrical cabinet with exhaust fans

Cooling the electrical cabinet by a suction fan or suction fan combined with dust filter: this solution is much more effective than the natural solution.

The heat radiating inside the electrical cabinet tends to go from bottom to top. Therefore, the installation of exhaust fans for electrical cabinets should follow the following principles:

  • For exhaust fans, we should install the closest to the top of the cabinet.
  • And the blowing fan should be placed close to the bottom of the cabinet.

With such principles, the amount of heat will be exchanged with the outside environment in the most effective way.

3 – Cooling by industrial air conditioning

air conditioner can be installed in electrical cabinets in the following locations:

– Hips of electrical cabinet.

– On the door of the electrical cabinet.

– Roof of electric cabinets.

The working principle of the cooling solution with air conditioner is:

– The air conditioner will suck fresh air from outside to inside and cool this air stream, then proceed to blowback the cooled air back inside the electrical cabinet. At the same time, hot air formed inside the cabinet will be blown out by another fan through the vent at the top of the air conditioner.

The process of sucking fresh outside air into the air-conditioner for cooling before being brought into the cabinet is controlled for moisture and dirt through the filter system.

4 – Chiller electrical cabinet cooling system

A chiller is a type of machine that generates a cold source for cooling.

Often reserved for high-power switchboard systems, which require more stringent cooling and temperature maintenance mechanisms.

Hopefully, through this article, you will choose the most appropriate cooling solution for your electrical panel system.

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