2019 Hao Phuong Annual Sport Festival : Competition day July 26

In the afternoon of July 26, 2019, the 2nd day of competition in the framework of the Hao Phuong 2019 Sports Festival continued to take place at the Hiep Binh Phuoc football field. Please follow the main developments of this competition day in the following article.

Teams gather to take attendance

Just like the opening day, members of the team after coming to the stadium quickly gathered their attendance at the start of the match. In general, the forces of the teams today are quite large. Sunny weather is great support for the team with the highest spirit before entering the tough game

Điểm danh trước trận đấu 1Điểm danh trước trận đấu 2Điểm danh trước trận đấu 3

Teams gather for a roll call before the match

After the teams gathered, Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong, the representative of the company, awarded the winner the “game of predicting the score of the match on July 19”. The 200 thousand Dong prize belongs to Mr. Nguyen Cong Trong.

Trao thưởng dự đoán tỉ số

Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong awarded the winner of the game to predict the correct score

Cheerleading performance of Team 4

Following the awarding section is part of the cheerleading performance of Team 4. This is a dance performance on children’s music “Chiếc bụng Đói (The belly is hungry) “. This funny opening act received many cheers from the audience in the yard.

Phần thi cổ dộng đội 4 cheerleading performance of Team 4

First match: Team 2 vs Team 4

The first match on July 26 took place between Team 2 and Team 4. In the 17th minute of the first half, Nguyen Cong Trong – who just received the prize, opened the score for Team 4 with one goal. Nice victory against team 2. Next, Doan Van Doi continued to maintain his form like the previous match. He scored the second goal for Team 4. This increased pressure on Team 2. The first half ended with a score of 2 – 0 in favor of Team 4.

Đội 2 vs đội 4 (1)Đội 2 vs đội 4 (2)Đội 2 vs đội 4 (3)

Both teams played hard, constantly competing for the ball fiercely

At the end of the first half was the cheerleading dance performance of Team 2. This time, the boys of Team 2 chose to dance with a strong and vibrant rhythm.

Entering the second half, the advantage continued to favor Team 4 with many goals scored. Specifically, Team 4 scored a total of 4 more goals. They helped the first team lift the absolute difference from Team 2. The goals were scored by the players: Mr.Trong, Mr.Doi (2 goals) and Mr. Khanh. These goals helped Team 4 win the first game of the day brightly with the score 6 – 0.

Some beautiful matches in the first football match, July 26:

Đội 2 vs đội 4 (4)Đội 2 vs đội 4 (5)Đội 2 vs đội 4 (6)Đội 2 vs đội 4 (7)After the first football match ended, the first team had a cheerleading performance as a dance song on the “La La La” soundtrack. This is also the official song of the 2014 World Cup. The exciting performance was performed by the girls of Team 1 who received an enthusiastic response from everyone.

Phần thi cổ động đội 1

Team 1’s performance

2nd Match: Team 1 vs Team 3

The second football match took place between Team 1 and Team 3. From the beginning, two teams had to attack the opponent’s goal to gain a score. There were 2 goals scored. One belongs to Mr.Long from Team 3. The remaining goal belongs to Mr. Thanh Hai team 1. The first half ended with a 1 – 1 draw.

Entering the second half, the two teams continued to play with high spirits along with the enthusiastic support of outside fans. In the 20 minutes of the second half, there were 3 goals. The goals were scored by Mr. Quang Khai, Mr. Hoang Quan and Mr. Duy Hieu. All 3 belong to team 1. Ending this match, Team 1 won the final with a score of 4 – 1.

Some pictures of the 2nd football match on July 26:

Đội 3 ăn mừng chiến thắng

Team 3 celebrated after the goal

Đội 1 vs đội 3(1)Đội 1 vs đội 3 (2)Đội 1 vs đội 3 (3)Đội 1 vs đội 3 (4)

Both teams struggled fiercely to gain control of the ball

Here are some of the beautiful photos recorded by the reporter at the Sports Festival on July 26:Khoảnh khắc vui vẻ (1)Khoảnh khắc vui vẻ (2)Khoảnh khắc vui vẻ (3)

Happy moments before the ball rolled

Tinh thần cổ vũ đội 4

Team 4 is enthusiastic and cheerful

Cổ động viên đội 1 (1)

Cổ động viên đội 1 (2)

Cổ động viên đội 1 (3)

The members of Team 1 are charming in front of the camera

Cầu thủ đội 1 được thưởng nóng

Team 1’s player got a hot bonus after the game

Cổ động viên nhí

A young fan participated in cheering at the Sports Festival

The 2nd day of the 2019 Hao Phuong annual Sports Festival was closed with many unforgettable impressions. Do not forget to watch and read the hot news, constantly updated on the following days in the framework of this year’s Sports Festival.