2019 annual sports festival: “August 10” Competition day

The 2019 annual Sports Festival has reached the final stage. A lot of memorable and impressive moments were recorded on August 10, the day of competition. Please follow through the following article.

Team 1’s cheerleading competition

Opening the final day of the 2019 Hao Phuong Annual Sports Festival is Team 1’s cheerleading competition. The whole group’s dance performance has contributed to warming up the atmosphere which was already very exciting in the field.

Hô khẩu hiệu

Teams focus on shouting slogans before the competition

Phần thi cổ động đội 1

Team 1’s cheerleading competition

The First game: kumquat passing

This is the first game in the series of 5 games of the last day of competition. Each player of a team will have to hold a spoon to get a kumquat without using their hands. Then they have to overcome obstacles to pass the kumquat into the box of their team. At the end of this game, team 2, team 3 and team 4 scored 2 points per team. Sorry for Team 1 that they have not scored yet. Because of the number of kumquat of the first team is the least among 4 teams.

Tập trung cho trò chơi đầu tiên

Members of all 4 teams gather to start the first game

Lấy tắc bằng miệng không dễ dàng

Getting a kumquat by mouth is an easy challenge for teams

Thật sự khéo léo

Even if you can get the kumquat, you have to be very clever to “transport” this “booty” to the finish line successfully

Vượt chướng ngại vật

Not to mention having to overcome “difficult” obstacles like this

Nỗ lực của các đội

Efforts to put the kumquat into the box, by all means, are admirable

The Second game: “Correct name, correct object”

This game requires players to have certain knowledge about the products that Hao Phuong is supplying. Specifically, each team will have a paper box containing the nameplate of 15 devices. Each player will get 1 nameplate. Then pass obstacles and drop into the corresponding device container. Not all players know about the device. But the teams have tried hard to memorize the fastest name to join this game completely. At the end of the second game, team 3, team 2, team 1 and team 4 scored 3, 2, 1 and 0 respectively.

Let’s review some impressive moments of the second game through the following images:

Bốc thẻ tên

pick up nameplate ..

Nhanh nhẹn và tinh mắt

This game requires players to be agile and sharp-eyed to put name tags into the bucket in the shortest time.

The Third game: ” Hunting treasure”

This is a game that is considered to be the most energy-consuming of most teams. However, it is undeniable that this game is extremely funny. It has brought a lot of laughter to the teams. In each turn, each team has 6 people for holding 3 sacks with 1 other member above those sacks. On the starting line, the person lying on the sacks must use his mouth to blow the powder and suck one candy hidden under it. After that, 6 people holding the sack will carry their teammate to the finish line. There, the person lying on the sack will drop the candy into the carton box of his team. At the end of this game, Team 1 scored 3 more points. Two teams of 3 and 4 each scored 2 points. Team 2 gets 1 point.

Trò 2 vào vị trí

The muscular youth got into position ready …

Cuộc đua bắt đầu

The race starts!

Tinh thần hết mình

Although the face and the nose has stains, the spirit of playing hard of the teams is “nothing can stop”

Mang kẹo về đích

The result after tireless efforts is to bring candy to the destination

The Fourth game: ” accessories assembly “

In order to help members of the company understand more about the devices that Hao Phuong is working on, this year’s Organizing Committee continues to offer a product-related game. That is the game “accessories assembly“. In each turn, there will be a pair of players of each participating team. At the starting line, a blindfolded person carries his unblindfolded teammate to the location of his team’s place, where an Indicator lamp was placed. The unblindfolded teammate will dismantle the indicator lamp. The blindfolded person assembly it. The unblindfolded teammate has the right to use words to guide the blindfolded person to assembly the lamp. After this game, team 2 took the lead with 3 points. The score of team 1, team 4, team 3 is 2, 1 and 0 points respectively.

Hướng dẫn tháo lắp đèn báo

The representative of the organizing committee instructs the teams on how to remove the Indicator lamp.

Đội 2 học tháo lắp đèn báo

Team 2 members are learning how to dismantle the indicator light

Anh cứ việc lắp

Ai cũng đều tập trung

Anyone who participates in this game needs to be very focused

Cùng nhau vượt qua

“Together we pass this game”

Đội 2 ăn mừng sau trò chơi

Team 2 celebrated after winning the most points in the 4th game

The Fifth Game 5: Star Wars

The last day of competition is coming to an end. The fifth and final game is called “Star Wars”. Members of each team will be given 1 balloon to blow according to the specified size and tied under the left ankle. All couples will gather in a large circle prepared. When the music pops up, the members of the teams will try to pop the balloon of other teams. When the music stops, everyone will have to stop. Members with a popped balloon will be removed from the playground. After each round, the circle will be narrowed. After this last game, the scores of team 2, team 1, team 4 and team 3 are 3, 2, 1 and 0 points respectively.

Phòng thủ chắc chắn ngay từ đầu

The team used defensive tactics very solid from the beginning

Chớp thời cơ đập bóng

Everyone takes the opportunity to smash every balloon of other teams

Sôi động và căng thẳng

The atmosphere is lively but no less stressful

Đội 3 tràn lên tấn công

Team 3 rushed to attack

Khí thế đang dâng cao

“Aura is high, come on, brother !!”

Chụp hình kỉ niệm

Photographed memories after the end of the Sports Festival

The annual 2019 Sports Festival ended with many beautiful impressions. Information on the final results as well as the closing ceremony and the Sports Festival awards will be updated in subsequent articles.