14th anniversary of Hao Phuong Corp (P.2)

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On March 14, 2019, the head office of Hao Phuong and Hanoi branch held a “14-Year anniversary of establishment” party. With the full participation of all officers and employees of Hao Phuong

The Headquarters held the “14th-anniversary” party

Không gian bữa tiệc

The Party was held at Binh Quoi 1 resort

The party started at 6 pm, the sky was already dark, so everyone made use of time to check-in before the party.

Không gian bữa tiệc 1

Không gian bữa tiệc 2

The opening of the party is a folk dance combining modern dance repertoire, made the atmosphere more exciting.

biểu diễn văn nghệ

When the music ended, it was time for everyone to turn to the screen to review the achievements of the company over the past 14 years. 14 years is a long way full of thorns but above all is the solidarity of leaders and employees of Hao Phuong to be able to achieve many “sweet achievements” today.

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Board of Directors of Hao Phuong shared

Talking about Hao Phuong, the Board of Directors Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong shared emotionally: “The party took place with many emotions. For me, 14 years of development of the company is 14 years with the efforts of all of us. In the early days, with the simple thought of opening an electrical shop. And to get the results today, I would like to thank my relatives who always encourage and share the difficulties with me. At the same time, gratitude to the brothers and sisters in the company who always stand by and have many contributions to the development of Hao Phuong. ”

CTHĐQT ông Nguyễn Tất Dương

CEO, Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong shared emotionally

The quiet atmosphere was changed by the development orientation of the company, Mr. Duong said: “Development revenue will be increased 5 times, completed automatic warehouse system, built a factory with a scale of 1ha to produce electrical cabinets, automation systems,… To do these things, an individual cannot do it. Hao Phuong is a joint-stock company and the achievements are shared with everyone, especially the brothers and sisters, to determine their goals.

Deputy General Director – Mr. Thang added: “Since our early days, our brothers and sisters have experienced many difficulties. Especially the economic crisis years, but our company has gradually developed. Thank you to all the brothers and sisters who have been stuck to the company. ”Then, Mr. Thang shared more ups and downs in Hao Phuong’s development career. Thereby employees can understand more about the company and will want to stick with the company for a long time.

Phó Tổng giám đốc khổi điều hành phát biểu

Deputy CEO of the executive division said

After the enthusiastic sharing of the leadership of Hao Phuong company, the party takes place in the congratulations and toasts of all staff and guests.

ông Nguyễn Tất Dương cắt bánh sinh nhật

CEO- Mr. Nguyen Tat Duong was cutting the birthday cake,

khui sâm banh

…… opening the champagne

cùng nâng ly chúc mừng.

… Cheers!.

Vinh danh CBNV có thâm niên trên 10 năm

Honoring the employees who have been in service for more than 10 years

Many entertainment and mini-games from the staff of the departments contributed to the party with a warm and loving atmosphere.

tham gia trò chơi

chụp hình lưu niệm

Everyone enjoyed taking photos.

Hanoi branch celebrates 14 years of establishment of Hao Phuong Company

After a few days, the Hanoi branch also organized a 14-year anniversary party to establish the company at Hong Kong Ipot Hotpot Restaurant – 109 Nguyen Hoang, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi in a cozy atmosphere.

Chi nhánh Hà Nội tổ chức tiệc

Chi nhánh Hà Nội tổ chức tiệc 1

Everyone was watching the 14-year journey of Hao Phuong and the sharing from the CEO Nguyen Tat Duong

Mr. Nguyen Tung Thi – Director of Hanoi Branch shared: “The formation and development of Hanoi branch are associated with the development of Hao Phuong in the past 14 years. Thanks to the officials and employees who have worked so hard to contribute to these achievements and on behalf of Hao Phuong’s leadership to show their determination to bring the company to the new development goals. ”

Chi nhánh Hà Nội tổ chức tiệc 2

14 years is a long way of construction and development, Hao Phuong has so far been affirming its prestige and position in the industry – automation. Wishing Hao Phuong to be a strong and successful company in the new age and will always be a reliable and intellectual partner in the industry. At the same time bring more value to the community. Wishing all of Hao Phuong’s staff members will continue to think together and go along with the success of the slogan “Think together!”.